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++ Stacey
  Lunarmadness dot Com
For everything you ever wanted about SailorMoon! Stacey's site has everything! Midis, pictures, jap/english translator, links to other places, and much more! A very well put together site!! Stacey is a good friend of mine that I met over the net a while ago, and if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have a clue what to do about banners and buttons, amoung other things! Thanks so much for your help and support Stacey!

++ Sonya-chan
  Game Ace
Sonya-chan is one of the best fan-fiction writers on the net, and has a *very* long series of fics based on a Sailormoon/Yu Yu Hakusho crossover! Sonya's been my friend since I started out, cheering me up when I felt down, and making my head blow up from compliments on my pics (Though it was mutual, I'm sure ^^! Her site has many fan fics and fan arts, by her and other artists as well! And wow, someone as obsessed with Kurama as me!!!