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Welcome to Mediocre, my site that hosts nothing but links to all my other sites!!

[Current Layout] This layout (once again) features the art of the amazing Kyoko Tsuchiya, the mangaka of Weiß Kruez's Weiß: An Assassin and White Shaman. Visit her website, Dance Macabre. Japanese only.

Update! April 20, 2003 And not much of one.. A while ago the reduction of alloted space by damned Tripod/Lycos/Angelfire came to my attention. I noticed that my space went from 50 to 20megs, and thus, more than half the links on my site were dead, and I needed to find a new webspace provider. The sheer amount of work in finding more free space and moving all my files and renaming them for every single page of script had me freaking out and unintentionally getting and ulcer. So after months and months of worry...

I thought, 'Ah, fuck it.'

So today I simply deleted each and every file on all of my art pages. Hell, they've BEEN there for God knows how long and I didn't care for the art anyways. So the Side7/deviantART stuff is still there, but nothing new has been made and nothing old will remain. I decided to get rid of that Manga page.. I don't know what I was thinking, it was a horribly copyright idea anyways... And I'm keeping up Pretty Boy cuz I find it amusing, and I'm not sure whether or not I'll keep running Heaven. So much work, so little time... And I'm not even all that much into yaoi anymore.

So yeah, some will notice there is WAY less around than there used to be, though I did add links to the journals and site of a few RL friends of mine. On that note:

Dear University,

Unhand me.

Love, Andy

Yeah. Busy. So.. maybe I'll update on a regular basis one day.