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Our Weird Life

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Our Weird Life! Yes, this is getting less and less about our lives as we are actually starting get lives. We're high school juniors now, and we are each going to different schools. Actually, we're in college now. Weird, eh? Maggie is going to college in Mississippi, Ducky is going to a local university, and Sunny isn't in college just yet, but she's a nurse assistant working at the hospital. Click here to read our bios. I remember when we started this site so long ago, way back when we were 7th graders. Yep, now we're the ones making fun of the 7th graders. Click here to learn more about us. Click here to see a list of interesting sites that I have come across on my travels on the web.

I'm going to start a blog. Yes, a blog. If you don't already know what a blog is, find out for yourself, you sorry waste of bandwidth. This is where I can type all of my thoughts and ideas and musings and things that I couldn't say to real people because they'd laugh at me. That's what a blog is.

Blog? what blog? click here to see my new official blog. click here to read my old, vigilante blogger posts. Actually, it's a pretty boring blog. Don't even bother.

New!!! the life of a girl: the game

Yes, folks. Now Nikki and her friends have their own game. Maybe next they'll get their own dolls that could be dressed up in peasant shirts and flares. Sounds promising. But for now, you can have the priveledge of playing an Our Weird Life™ Original Game...the life of a girl: the game!

The Life of a Girl

The most anticipated Our Weird Life Original Story™ of the year is here! "The Life of a Girl" is the story of an ordinary girl's extraordinary existance. Follow Nikki as she lives out her soap opera life. This is a true story, happening right now has you read this. This is a real-time record of Nikki's journey through her dramatic life. Click here to read the enthralling epic.

New!!!! Your Weird Life!
An epic story that YOU, the reader, control (to an extent). A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story that will keep you scratching your head, wondering what the author was tripping on when it was written. Click here to experience such weirdness has you never have before!

batting her eyes at you

Please don't copy our stuff without giving us credit. We would hate to have to hunt you down and beat you senseless. Yeah, we hate that. So at least give us some credit. Like if you use the flowery background. Or the flower bar or the logo idea or the muscle picture of Sunny. That's all original. So give credit where credit is due. Now I'm just babbling. So I'll stop. Thank You for visiting Our Weird Life!