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Eirik The Wife Stealer's Page

Greetings to all! To those that I have not met yet, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Eirik the Wife Stealer (Rick Bostock) and I am a new fighter in the Kingdom of Caid. My wife's name is Gwynnyth the Captured(Aletta)and we have two daughters. Their names are Abbigayle Eirikdotter and Amanda Eirikdotter.

Please look at the stories and chronicles that I have written. Please sign my guestbook near the bottom of this page, as I would love to hear any suggestions or comments about what you have seen here. Thank you! This web-page was designed for an 800x600 display.

Spring Potrero 1999
Balboa Park Tournament Spring 1999
Team Dun Tyr Fighter pic from Spring Potrero 1999
In the Land of the Men In Black
West/Caid 1999 with Dun Tyr
Estrella XV with Drafn
The First Saga Of Eirik and Jensson, "Dreaming of Being a Solenarion"
The Saga of Gwynnyth & Eirik

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