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There are those who live there normal lives above the surface and then there are those who know better.
These people are your neighbors, your friends, those who work for you, and those you work with.
On the surface they appear quite normal.
But as always; appearences can be deceptive.
Their goal ? ...
To further the underground movement and to take over the world as we know it.
They are armed, they are dangerous, and they are below a town near you.
We ... are them ....
We are the residents of "ParadiseRoad, Illinois" (POP. 3284)
and whether you choose to be a mild mannered school teacher
by day and a hired assasin by night, or whatever character
you wish to be, your cause is to help us.
To sign up to play this PBEM please send the following info to the gamemaster :

real name:
email addy:
character name:
character age:
character background / bio: