The Address Resources That I Use

I've recently been motivated to share my sources of addresses because I'm often asked what sites/lists do I use to find addresses of athletes. The following sites or products have made a big difference in my ability to collect autographs. So I thought this may be of help to others. Beyond being some of my favorite links these are the tools I use each day to collect, I only promote the sources of information that I use.

Sports Collectors Net is the centrepiece of the hobby and hands down the best site for our hobby.


Kevin Collins produces an NFL address that I've been using for years with MANY successes coming from it. I thank him for his list and all of the updates. He's a friend to the hobby.

Collins NFL Address List

C.J. Aponte has been producing several different address lists for more years than anyone else I know of.

Email C.J. at Signatures Plus

Mr. Jack Smalling is the "dean" of the baseball address list.


Tom's Autograph Page has helped me to land signatures.

Tom's Autograph Page

True People Search is a search engine that's free and worth looking into.

True People Search

Intelius is a pay site for addresses.


Switchboard always free and a good source.

411 always free and a good site.

Zaba Search a free site.
Zaba Search

White Pages always free and a good source.


Advanced Background Checks is another free site.


Team Address Index

I have decided to organize the team addresses (baseball and football) by category. Please click on the appropriate link below.

American League Baseball Team Addresses

National League Baseball Team Addresses

2018 Baseball Spring Training Team Addresses

Hall of Fame and Media Addessses

Arizona Fall League Baseball Team Addresses

2014 NFL Training Addresses

AFC Football Team Addresses

NFC Football Team Addresses