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Ellie and Sarah Dancing

Ellieís Hands...

Sometimes in life weíre lucky...

We touch an angels hand...
Itís something very special...
A heart can understand...

The touch is very gentle.
You could miss it many times..
But all you have to do..
Iíve found..
Is look into their eyes..

No words are ever spoken..
It is deep inside your soul....
But it is in that moment..
An angel can console..

A voice that calls you gently..
And reaches to your heart..
A pair of hands..that touch you
You're miles and worlds apart..

The tiny hands of Ellie..
Reached out and spoke to me..
They touched a part inside my heart....
Once hidden carefully..

My heart knew in an instant..
I took her tiny hand..
We danced there in her garden..
In heavenís promised land....

Ellieís hands are whole now..
She runs and jumps and sings..
For in the angel life she led..
She got her angel wings..

Her hands are glowing tributes.
The light she left behind..
And they will touch me always..
Little angel God designed..

Maria Lindberg

November 03, 2003

Ellie's Hands

Click on Ellies hands..
To visit her web site...
Ellie is the angel daughter..
Of Peter and Sarah Settlen..
Peter was once voice coach and friend...
To Princess Diana..
I found this web site by chance..
It is a glowing tribute....
To Ellie's too short life..
On this earth..
But in every picture..
You know she was angel...
Here on earth..
A blessing to all...
That got to love her..
Touch her tiny face....
And to people like you and me..
Who only got to touch..
Her angel hands..
In their hearts..


Want to help?
If you can read about these Russian children
And not be moved..
To help them in some way..
Then nothing can move you..
The promise is based..
On a whispered promise...
Sarah made to little Ellie..
Just before she died..
That her life would not have been in vain..
For her to help other children like Ellie..
Who are not so lucky..
As Ellie was..
To have a loving home..
And people to love her and cherish her..
If you can it..
This is something I feel...
Princess Diana
Would have been there for..
No question in my mind..
She cannot be there..
But YOU can..
Be her light of love....
Continue her work..
By giving of yourself..
If you don't do it..
It may not get done..

Click on the I Promise logo..
To read all about Sarah's..
Journey of the heart..
To Russia...
And the whispered promise..
A mother made..
To her little angel..
Ellie Settelen






Midi Music
Sweet One
Bruce Deboer Copyright 2003
Used with permission

Pictures of Ellie and Sarah Settlen
and Ellies hands
Copyright Peter Settlen
Used with Permission