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Metaphysical Healing



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Seichim , or Sekhem, is a channeled energy, i.e., the Source of this energy is outside ourselves. Seichim energy is not the energy of the individual using it; rather it is channeled from the limitless sea of Living Light Energy.

Seichim, a complete healing system of wisdom, balancing both the masculine and feminine energies of power and transformation, utilizes sacred symbology to release deeply held thought forms in the etheric, emotional, and mental bodies. As a powerful tool for transformation, it accelerates our personal development and speeds us along our path, assisting us in our quest to achieve our fullest potential.

Seichim works together with the unconscious, the Higher Self, and angelic guides. It opens the heart to create a multi-dimensional bridge of "at-one-ment" with the Source.

With Seichim, one finds the courage to look honestly at oneself, to go within and see who and what one truly is. One finds the inner inspiration to heal and to change those states of consciousness which limit and separate oneís self from oneís "True Self", and oneís Soul Purpose.

The Living Light Energy of Seichim addresses the subtler aspects of cause, releasing deeply-held thought forms in the etheric body, which create symptoms of disease and constriction of Chi in the physical body. Living Light is in a state of constant flux as it attunes us to universal rhythms. Perceptions of good and bad vanish as one consistently works with this energy.

It is difficult to adequately describe the feeling of this quite beautiful energy; experience offers the best understanding of Seichimís Living Light Energy. The living meaning of Seichim cannot be told in words. It is transmitted experientially, through meeting and opening to Seichim in a transmission through hands and breath, called an attunement, empowerment, or initiation. Seichim is a unique individual experience which promotes balance, transformation, harmony within, and without, positive wellness, and a more refined sensitive consciousness.

In Seichim, there are no heart-wrenching traumas and dramas. Instead, the energy assists in cutting through the blocks to oneís personal development, much as a hot knife cuts through butter. Blocks are dissolved with absolute ease, as one is, at the same time, held gently, and empowered by the Goddess.

Seichim is a means by which people may improve the quality of their existence on the planet. Each individual who learns to heal her/himself, and others, becomes a part of a network to heal the destruction and sorrow and sorrow that the Earth Logos (or being) is expressing as part of its overall evolution. As we proceed toward the twenty-first century, Seichim offers itself as a solution to our problems and a path of unlimited potential.

This is an ecstatic heart energy built on the grounded energy of Reiki. Seichim uses Reiki symbols as is, then varies those symbols and adds several new ones. Sekhem/Seichim has a different vibrational frequency from Reiki, allowing direction of the energy and control and alteration of the frequency.

The attunements of Seichim are done in the finer energy fields, as well as on the physical body itself. This method of attunement and use of symbols produces a different energetic experience in attunements and treatments.

The variety of symbols, and the directional and volume control available in Seichim make it paramount that the initiate confer and work closely with her/his guides as to the most appropriate way to proceed in healing. To do otherwise would be to lay oneself wide open one to Ego issues inherent in choosing appropriate procedure. Working with the intelligent Living Light Energy confers upon one the responsibility of wise use.

May all who would benefit from this path be guided to it.

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