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Last update: 3/15/99

People often ask me what the difference is between the different modalities I offer. Here is a brief explanation of the way I understand things.

The Reikis

REIKI is an energy healing modality wherein energy is channeled from the Divine Source, to allow the healee to heal her/himself.

KARUNA REIKI is an energy healing and spiritual healing system which includes extensive information of use symbols as meditation focus.

JINLAP MAITRI continues along the path of compassion begun in Reiki and continued through Karuna Reiki, following Tibetan Tantric medicine and meditation practice distilled from Medicine Buddha practice and other tantric traditions.

SEICHIMtakes the inner developmental work begun in Karuna and works further on developing the body of light.

BLUE STAR CELESTIAL ENERGYis concerned with building and developing the Rainbow Bridge and the body of light.

ARTICLE: Why So Many Kinds of Reiki?

Pranic Healing

PRANIC HEALING is an energy modality, as is Reiki, but without the mystical element of the attunements. In Pranic Healing, one is shown a technical non-touch process, which, if followed by the "cookbook method presented, can be expected to yield favorable results. In Pranic Healing, one doesn't often see the sometimes dramatic abreactions which can occur in Reiki treatments. Neither does one go through a cleansing period after learning the modality, nor the lendary hot hands. (This is because there are no attunements). Although the energy is the same, Universal Life Force, in this case called prana, the techniques used to effectuate the healing can be physically tiring. There are two types of Pranic Healing extant today... 1- the traditional version, probably based on Indo-Chinese techniques, and 2-the formalized version of Master Choa Kok Sui, which draws on Taoist and Tibetan tantric methods, and is available through a regiment of franchised teachers around the world. The differences between the two are the certificate that you will get,and the price that you will pay.

Energy Healing

ENERGY HEALING, or hands-on healing, is the basis for all of the healing modalities dicussed here. Reiki, in any of its now-multitudinous forms is, fundamentally, energy healing. So are pranic healing, faith healing, spiritual healing, and a score of other healing modalities, including meridian therapy and acupunture. Energy Healing, as I teach it, encompasses a number of individual traditional healing techniques which do not necessarily belong to any one modality, or which cross modalities and can be used effectively alone or in combination with other energy work. Such modalities as crystal therapy, color therapy, vibrational essence therapy, and so on are included in the umbrella term, Energy Therapy.

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