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Metaphysical Healing


Updated 11/28/2007

Blue Star Celestial Energy combines a very high-dimensional level of healing,for bringing galactic healing and peace to the planet, with personal spiritual growth, or ascension-oriented, work. It is meant for people with a mystery school (or Reiki Master) background.

Blue Star is a transmission of spiritual ability to bridge the gap between God and man -- the Rainbow Bridge, or antakharana -- enabling the initiate to function at expanded levels of awareness. The attunements, or initiations (the transmission) are permanent enhancements to the subtle body, which increase the personal vibrational level, or frequency, enhancing spiritual development and preparation for the coming shift. As these empowerments are permanent, the enhancements, and the speeding up of personal vibration, spiritual development, and evolution are not limited to this lifetime, i.e., they will remain throughout all subsequent lifetimes as well.

The primary aim of Blue Star Celestial Energy is towards the growth, evolution, and spiritual development of its practitioners. Blue Star Celestial Energy also protects against the psychological fragmentation which could threaten the psyche during its exposure to multidimensional experiences of inter-time travel.

The celestial energies of the Blue Star Celestial Energy healing method may be used at many levels, including refining spiritual development, allowing initiates to speed up their personal frequencies, and negotiate the subtle body, in addition to healing methods

The program includes basic and advanced Merkaba and Triangulation training, as well as techniques for inter-time travel, and planetary and galactic healing.

Blue Star Celestial Energy training is offered in two levels. Level I is open to anyone involved in healing or ascension-oriented work. Level II/Master, which confers the ability to teach and transmit the energies of the Blue Star, is open only to Masters of attunment-based healing modalities (such as Reiki, Seichim, etc.)

Each level of Blue Star Celestial Energy training includes an extensive, illustrated training manual and certificate.

Blue Star Celestial Energy Syllabus

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