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Tibetan Tantric Reiki
in the
Medicine Buddha Tradition

Usui-Watanabe Lineage

Last updated 11/28/2007

Jinlap Maitri, a powerful healing and self-development modality, is a five-level energy healing system, for those who have attained Reiki mastership and wish to continue their development as healers even further. At each level of Jinlap Maitri, initiates receive powerful empowerments, or attunements, in the Tibetan Medicine Buddha tradition, providing a wide range of flexibility and depth in both healing and spiritual development practice.

While most of the original techniques which make up the Jinlap Maitri healing system were developed in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, with the advent of Jinlap Maitri, it is no longer necessary to become a Buddhist in order to receive and practice this system of powerful physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and development techniques.

Tantric medicine is a bridge between the religious medicine of Dharma, the Buddhist doctrine, and the rational scientific medical method. Tantra is the mysticism of direct sacred knowledge uniting the polarized energies of the human body. Its practice leads to an understanding of the correspondences between the "karmic body", the physical human body, and the "Buddha body". The art of using these forces is called Tantric Healing.

Tibetan traditional medicine refers to ten different kinds of vital energy/ There are five inner vital energies which influence the body's inner capacity of motion. These inner vital energies are associated with the five elements, earth, fire, water, air, and space, and their respective colors: yellow, red, white, green, and blue. The remaining five vital energies are the outer vital energies, which have specific effects on the outward motility of the body. The outer vital energies comprise life-breath (ki, chi, or prana), muscular movement (Upana), semiotic/vocal movement (Udana), and reproductive waste disposal (Apana).

<The System
The colors, sounds, elements, planets, etc. associated with each chakra reflect specific aspects of consciousness which each one represents, becoming more refined from the lowest tot he topmost chakra. In the Tantrayana Path of Healing, the primordial mystic syllables called mantras are used. The subtle body is the energy body, and energy is manifested as vibration. By the recitation of mantras and the use of the attunements, the vibrational harmony of the subtle body can be readjusted and realized as the Buddha-body, or higher, spiritual self. The mantras must be empowered and received by initiation, either in actual experience, or telepathically, for them to become most effective.

Special forms of mantric healing rely upon the hidden correspondence between the mystic syllables of the mantras and the psychic channels of the body. In the Medicine Buddha tradition, these mantric syllables mark the junctions where the psychic channels criss-cross each other, which, when not clear, result in dis-ease. When the vibrations have become blocked, the use, by intent, of the mantras at the blockage points clears the blockage, healing the dis-ease.

Sound and the Five Elements
In Tibetan Tantric though, the healing rays directly relate to the elemental forces: earth, fire, water, air, and space (or ether. The primordial sounds "Aah", and "Om", produce the five elements, then the chakras, and then the physical body. Sounding the "Aah" and the "Om", followed by the appropriate mantras and symbols for manifesting and empowering, brings all the elements through into the body in the elemental colors as light and energy for healing.

The five levels of Jinlap Maitri empowerment and training are:


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