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The Land of KoKopuffs

Well, so much for wanting to finish things during Winter Break. Sorry about not having anything updated. Things came up. I guess now it's just whenever I have time. I'm gonna put everything under construction. More pics, reformatting, possible new layouts, etc. So yup. Hopefully I'll be able to get new stuff up. Thanks to everyone who's visited this page and signed my guestbook! It is greatly appreciated. Any ideas on how I can make this page better? E-mail me if you do! =) Well... go take a look around at what I have so far, enjoy yourself and don't get lost. =D Check back every now and then to see what else I may finally get around to putting up! =Ž
p.s.- As you can see there are phoenix scrolls up. Some people say that the Rooster from the zodiac is also known as the Phoenix. Is that true? Personally I'd like the be a Phoenix more than a Rooster. =) Cuz remember, a Phoenix can rise from the ashes and live again while the Rooster... well, we too often end up as offerings. =P Oh well... Roosters are cool anyway!
p.p.s.- to my cousins: pics will be up as soon as i can get my hands on a scanner =)

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