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The Official Website of the E-SUCH Charity Association Inc.

E-SUCH Official Web site

Earnest Support for Underpriviledge Children (E-Such) Charity Association Inc. Merry Christmas Happy New Year!


To provide earnest support for underprivileged children so that they will become GOD fearing, responsible and acceptable members of the community.

To develop young individuals to become competent community members that will take care of the other community members and the environment.


1. To provide the underprivileged children with basic needs for food, clothing, education materials and health care.

2. To open opportunities for formal, non-formal education and skills development for economic productivity and responsible adulthood.

Earnest Support for Underprivileged CHildren Maraming Salamat Po!

"Trully, I say to you; whenever you did this to the least, to my brother, you did it to me."

Matthew 25:40


SUPPORT E-SUCH, SUPPORT THE CHILDREN: Send your donations to PNB(Baliuag) Account No.: 318-575156-1

For Information Send E-mail to :

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Last December 21,2000 the E-such foundation had a gift giving project in coordination with the Baliuag Municipal Nutrition Group.

It was a successful project

E-SUCH Project For June 2001

LAPIS at PAPEL Project

This project aims to support the educational needs of 12 underprivilege children in Baliuag"

The foundation through the help of some of its honorary brothers and sisters

will provide the necessary school materials like bags,notebooks,papers,pencils,etc.

including the minimal tuition fee of these children

The Pencil and Paper Project was a success the pictures on top of this web site were some of the beneficiary of the said project.


The foundation is also donating books and other reference material

to the Baliuag Municipal Library in coordination with its head librarian Mrs. Anita R. Buluran

Cake For a Cause PROJECT

Last October 15 the charity association conducted a cake raffle for a cause whose proceeds will be used for the educational field trip entitled " Back to the Roots" whose aim is to promote the Philippine culture to the underprivileged children. The winners of the said project were Jocelyn Gabriel(Ticket no. 005897),Kevin Geslani (Ticket no. 002636 and Mabelle Balana (ticket no. 002522). CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS.


The field trip took place last October 27,2001. Among the place visited were the Marcelo H. Del Pilar Shire (Bulacan,Bulacan),The Casa Real and the Barasoain Church (Malolos) and the Butterfly Haven (Pulilan).Some of the picture of the said Fieldtrip can be seen on the gallery.


The Securities and Exchange Commission Philippines have granted E-SUCH its "Certificte of Incorporation" with SEC Reg. No. A200113750. This means that E-SUCH Charity Association is a legal , non-stock, non- government organizatuion whose aim is to help and promote the welfare of the children.

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