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Links for Comfort and Support

Here are some of my favorite links.
I hope you find them as comforting as I have!

Our Links

Jessica's Journey-Our other site and Main Page-Please stop by.

Our Story and Family Picture

Anencephaly Awareness

Heavenly Inspirations-
Inspirational stories, scripture, pictures.

Clubs and E-Mail Groups

Mourning Mommies-
A club for Mommies/parents who have lost babies to anencephaly.

Anencephaly E-mail Group
at E-groups.For all parents who have experienced an anencephalic pregnancy

The AgapeWay-
E-mail Support Group for those who have Continued or are continuing a Pregnancy after a fatal pre-natal diagnosis

Anencephaly Blessings from Above
Pro-Life Anencephaly Support Group

Interrupted Pregnancy Support
Support for interrupted pregnancy due to defects

Specialized Support sites

Carrying to Term Pages-
Support for those who choose to continue a pregnancy after fatal/nonfatal pre-natal diagnosis in memory of Beautiful Emily Rose

Anencephaly Support Foundation-
Support for those carrying an anencephalic baby to term

Waiting with Love-
Support for those continuing a pregnancy after fatal pre-natal diagnosis

Support site for Potter's syndrome

Support site for Tuberous Sclerous

S.O.F.T. is a network of families and professionals dedicated to providing support during prenatal diagnosis, the child's life and after the child's passing and understanding to families surrounding the diagnosis and care in trisomy 18, 13 and other related chromosomal disorders.

Loss Support sites

M.I.S.S.-Mother's In Sympathy and Support

M.E.N.D.-Mommies Enduring Neonatal Death. A Christian based support site.

Hannah's PrayerA Christian based support site for couples struggling with the pain of fertility challenges and/or the death of a child any time after conception.

A Place to Remember-
A wonderful sharing board. Also offers a free catalog filled with wonderful books on grief, cards, and memorial items

A Heartbreaking Choice-
Support for those who interrupt their pregnancy

The Grey Area-
Support for those who interrupt their pregnancy

Grief Resources

A Place to Remember-
A wonderful sharing board. Also offers a free catalog filled with wonderful books on grief, cards, and memorial items

The Centering Corporation-
has a wonderful free catalog filled with books on grieving and memorial items.

Beautiful Tribute and Memorial pages


Hope's Memorial

In Rememberance of Matthew and
other Angels with anencephaly

Memorial for Sweet little Annalise

Memorial forMary Elizabeth Karg

Michaela's Hope- Remberance of Michaela and
all Angels who have had anencephaly

Nathan's Story

Memorial for Caleb

Ectopic Cordis

Memorial for Jazmyn Hope

In Memory of Madison

Potter's Syndrome

Allison's Memorial

Nathaniels Play Yard

Memorial for Gabriela Lael

Janine's Story

Memorial forZachary Charles

In Memory of Hope

Trisomy 18 and 13

Jordan Ashley's Journey

In Memory of James

Susanna's Story

Tia's Place- beautiful and inspirational. (Tia will soon be 2.)


In Memory of "Baby Lilli" Lillian Grace

Tricuspid Atresia and
Other Heart Defects


In Memory ofFaith

Fetal Hydrops

Memorial for Parker


Kaylee Ann's Memorial

Creating Memories links

Creating Memories- A site with ideas on how to make lovely memories with our little ones

Dancing Moon-A site where you can order handmade grief journals, as well as, ideas on memorializing your little one.(A Place to Remember also offers a nice memorial book too.)

Bereavement Bears-A site where you can turn your loved one's favorite things into a one-of-a-kind heirloom quality Bereavement Bear to display and cherish as a remembrance of that special person.

Beneath The Willow-A site where you can order a casting set to make molds of your baby's hands and feet or your hand with theirs.

Shrine of the Holy Innocents
(My Jessica was born on the Feast Day of The Holy Innocents.)

Book of Life--
The Shrine of the Holy Innocents
will write the name of your baby
(lost through miscarriage or stillbirth)
and place his/her name in it's
Book of Life

Prayers will be said once a month for all..

Click here
to read about the Catholic Church's views
on the Moral Principles Concerning Infants with Anencephaly.