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Duckeys Dawn

Dawn is a 15yr old QH Mare.
Isn't she pretty!!!!

Of course, my 2 yr old kept reminding me...
"Not a Duckey Mom!!! A HORSEY!!!! lol

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UpDate: Once again Dawn has a new home. We moved in the fall of 2003 to a 30 acre farm. It's been a slow process of building stalls, putting in pastures, etc., but it has been an awesome adventure! The horses love it here. So do we!


Duckeys Dawn April 6th,1990
(Dawn was never registered, but here's what we know of her family)

    :Aledo Bar QH
  :Bar's Choice-QH 1961  
    :Sugar Townley
Sire:Peaks Choice 1982    
    : King's Peak QH
  :Patti Peak-QH 1963  


    :Mr Diamond Dude
  :Blondy's Dude  
    :Miss Patsy Blake
Dam:Duckey's Dude    
    :Bert Bailey
  :Bailey's Joker  
    :Williams Baldy


~~~A special Thanks to Andie for helping with the above information.~~~
Want to search for your horse's pedigree??? Check here PEDIGREE QUERY


Past Exciting news!!!!
We added two additions to our family....a young Bashkir Curly colt named...
*Diamond Willow Rustler ABC 3025

and another American Bashkir Curly mare,
*Dan's Mandy G ABC 531

Click Here to see their site.

Update! Willow is now 3yrs old and really developing into an awesome stallion. Dawn is in love with Willow. For a mare who did not like when he tried to nurse on her, she sure has changed her tune. lol

To learn more about Curly horses checkout the

American Bashkir Curly registry
The International Curly Horse registry

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We will be adding more pictures soon,
so Ya'll come back now...Ya Hear! :-)

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