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Blue Pastures

This is done on a bass, but here's a way to play it on guitar.
To get the most accurate sound, play the chords this way.  The picking isn't
hard at all- just pick the 2 strings on each chord...
C: x35xxx 
A: 57xxxx
F: 13xxxx
intro: c  a  f  c     
     a        f     c
Blue pastures fade away
       a     f         c
Green rivers in silver light
    a              f                c
I'm walking to the sound of distant bells
   a          f                c
So peaceful I don't know who I am

    a                     f                  c
And just when I think its clear it turns all gray again
      a               f              c
And I wonder who will find me in the snow
     a                        f                 c
And just when I thought I was free I got pulled in again
a           f          c
Once you're in, you're in
Blue pastures calling home
I'm Walking but I can't stand anymore
Hear voices, can't tell near or far
Weird voices lay me down

And I don't see why I'm obliged
To just carry on
When everything I touch
Turns out wrong
And I feel I've committed some crime 
But I don't know what I've done
One day life just wins
One day life just wins 

Still breathing
But I'm tired and I want to go home
Still breathing
But I'm not sure anymore
Still breathing
But it doesn't really matter if I fade away

Fall into sleep
Fall into sleep
Submitted by:
Steven --
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