My motorcycle and dirtbike page

My Page!!!

as you can see, i LOVE dirtbikes, so this page is going to be fully dedicated to mass dirtbikes, and nothing but dirtbikes, somewhere in here, though, will be a pic of me, and also my motorcycle, have fun searching through it!!

more dirtbiking pics

these guys just have to be amazing in my opinion

and im also on the same boat as em, shower 3 times a day... heres why..

ok, now to transfer u from dirtbikes to street bikes, heres my shitty pic.

scary.. aint it?

heres a pic of my bro, stepdad, and mom

he's got the same evil little grin i do :) hes pretty kool, he can already say dirtbike, and hes not even 2...

im sorry, but I HAVE to put this here...

and this

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