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Taria Curlz "simple care for kids curly hair" is a company that was conceptualized by professional hairstylist, Ilona Reece. Ilona has many years of experience providing services for multi-ethnic, curly hair textures while working as a full time hairstylist as well as being the mother of two daughters with very curly hair. She knows all too well the time and frustration that can go along with caring for and maintaining curly hair textures, not to mention the potential scalp sensitivity that a lot of children feel when having their hair styled. This sensitivity can cause them to really dislike their curly locks. Taria Curlz' goal is to help anyone who has to care for and maintain a child's curly hair texture, and make "hair time" a "fun time." Let's teach them to LOVE THOSE CURLZ!!!

Taria Curlz "simple care for kids curly hair" welcomes you to browse through our website. We are a company commited to meeting the needs of curly-haired children and the individuals who care for these heads of curls.

Our basic step-by-step video is a product designed to guide you in the care and maintenance of your child's curly hair, as well as assist you in making HAIR TIME a FUN TIME.

Thank you for your interest in Taria Curlz "simple care for kids curly hair." Please feel free to fill out our online questionnaire located on:


By doing so,Taria Curlz company will be able to provide specific products and services that will meet your individual needs.

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