Sick N Twisted's Stats

About the Wrestler:    
Wrestlers Name:    Required 
Sick N Twisted
Hometown:    Required 
Las Vegas
Face, Neutral, or Heel    Required Help
Stable:    Help
No Answer
Finisher:    Required Help
Sick N Wrong
Description of Finnisher:    Required 
spinning neck breaker off top ropes
Height:(5'0"-8'0")    Required 
Weight:(180-400 pounds)    Required Help
Wrestling Styles:(Check all that apply)    
Hardcore/Extreme; High Flyer; Boxing-Like
Entrance:    Required Help
As Sick enters the ring the sound of tires screeching can be heard followed by the song Wicked by Deftones. As he walks to the ring blue pyros erupt as he passes them on the isle
E-mail address (No Spaces!!):    Required Help
Escorts Name if one:    
No Answer
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