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Psycho Cyclone's Stats

About the Wrestler:    
Wrestlers Name:    Required 
Psycho Cyclone
Hometown:    Required 
Boston, Massachusetts
Face, Neutral, or Heel    Required Help
Stable:    Help
The Dark Carnival (w/ ICP)
Finisher:    Required Help
Description of Finnisher:    Required 
A simple Sambo Suplex (it's kind of like a belly-to-belly suplex crossed with a chokeslam... I can't describe it adequately if you don't know the move, I'm afraid.)
Height:(5'0"-8'0")    Required 
Weight:(180-400 pounds)    Required Help
297 lbs.
Wrestling Styles:(Check all that apply)    
Hardcore/Extreme; Powerhouse
Entrance:    Required Help
The arena goes dark all of a sudden as "The New Flesh" by Nine Inch Nails begins playing. The haunting, passive tone of the song compliments the very deep, dark blue lights that are activated, filling the arena with an ethereal glow. After about a minute, Psycho Cyclone walks out from backstage, his face totally hidden by his white, plastic goalie mask (a la Jason Voorhees). He plods down to the ring slowly, and when he climbs the apron and steps over the ropes, the music stops and the lights return to normal. He shows no sign that he is paying the crowd any mind at all.
E-mail address (No Spaces!!):    Required Help
Escorts Name if one:    
No Answer