Myzsery's Stats

About the Wrestler:    
Wrestlers Name:    Required 
Hometown:    Required 
Detroit, Michigan
Face, Neutral, or Heel    Required Help
Stable:    Help
Finisher:    Required Help
Thugg Mentality
Description of Finnisher:    Required 
He jumps to the top and grabs a chair and places it behind his legs. From there does a somersault flip with the chair behind his legs and lands and nails his opponent in the head with the chair.
Height:(5'0"-8'0")    Required 
Weight:(180-400 pounds)    Required Help
Wrestling Styles:(Check all that apply)    
Hardcore/Extreme; High Flyer; Dirty Player; Powerhouse
Entrance:    Required Help
The fans are really bored because they have seen nothing but losers doing interviews. All of a sudden "Hate Me Now" by Nas hits and here comes the street thugg from Detroit, Myzery with his manager Da Minority. Myzery is walking down to the ring with his faitgues, black boots, and with a fatigue bandana on backwards on. Myzery jumps onto the apron and over the ropes, he calls for a mic. Da Minority hands him one and Myzery starts to speak.
E-mail address (No Spaces!!):    Required Help
Escorts Name if one:    
Da Minority
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