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Kid Maxim's Stats

About the Wrestler:    
Wrestlers Name:    Required 
Kid Maxim
Hometown:    Required 
Long Beach, CA
Face, Neutral, or Heel    Required Help
Stable:    Help
Finisher:    Required Help
Maxim Reality
Description of Finnisher:    Required 
Tornado Reverse DDT off of top rope
Height:(5'0"-8'0")    Required 
Weight:(180-400 pounds)    Required Help
227 lbs.
Wrestling Styles:(Check all that apply)    
Hardcore/Extreme; High Flyer
Entrance:    Required Help
"Make Me Bad" by KoRn blasts as smoke fills the entrance way. Two fireworks explode and out steps Kid Maxim. He slowly strides to the apron with a mic in hand. He climbs through the ropes. As soon as the music stops he leaps up and screams "MY NAME IS KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID!!!!!!! KID MAXIM!"
E-mail address (No Spaces!!):    Required Help
Escorts Name if one:    
No Answer