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This fed was born on April 1 1997

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June 28, 2001 updated by ewcprez
The Extreme Network TEN Monday, Thursday, Friday 8:00 PM EST\PST
The Extreme Network ETV-1 Monday, Thursday, Friday 12:00 AM Eastern
The Extreme Network ETV-2 Monday, Thursday, Friday 3:00 AM Eastern
Albany, NY WBVG Tuesday, Sunday 1:00 AM Eastern
Alexander City, AL WAXC-TV 64 Wednesday 7:00 PM Central
Atlanta, GA WHOT-TV 34 Monday, Friday 7:00 PM Eastern
Atlanta, GA WHOT-TV 34 Wednesday (replay) 9:00 PM Eastern
Atlantic City/Wildwood,NJ WWAC TV53 Saturday 9:00 PM Eastern
Baton Rouge, LA WGMB-TV 44 Saturday 11:00 PM Central
Buffalo, NY WYNO - WB 49 Monday, Thursday 9:00 PM Eastern
Bulington / Plattsburgh WBVT-TV 39 Thursday 1:00 AM Eastern
Carbondale, IL SPC-TV Friday 10:00 PM Central
Calgary, ALB, Canada TSN, Global, CHMN Monday, Thursday, Friday 7:00 PM Central
Chicago, IL WCIU Monday, Friday, Sunday 8:00 PM Central
Cincinnati, OH WBQC-TV25 Sunday 11:30 PM Eastern
Columbus, GA UA16 Wednesday (replay) 10:00 PM Eastern
Columbus, GA UA16 Thursday 7:00 PM Eastern
Dallas, TX KHSX-TV49 Sunday (replay) 10:00 PM Central
Dallas, TX KHSX-TV49 Monday, Thursday, Friday 7:00 PM Central
Edmonton, ALB, Canada ITV, Global, A-Chan, TSN Monday, Thursday, Friday 7:00 PM Central
Florida Sunshine Network Monday, Thursday, Friday 2:00 AM Eastern
Fresno, CA KGMC-TV 43 Friday 11:00 PM Pacific
Gulfport, MS WXXV TV Monday 1:00 AM Central
Indianapolis, IN WAV-TV53 Tuesday 10:00 PM Eastern
Indianapolis, IN WAV-TV 53 Sunday 5:00 PM Eastern
Jacksonville, FL WJWB - WB 17 Sunday 1:00 AM Eastern
Las Vegas, NV KCNG-TV/UPN25 Monday, Thursday, Friday 1:00 PM Pacific
Las Vegas, NV KVWB - TV 21 Monday (replay), Thursday(replay) 2:00 AM Pacific
Long Island, NY WVVH-TV 10 Saturday 10:00 PM Eastern
Memphis, TN WBII TV20 Monday, Thursday, Friday 10:30 PM Central
Miami Beach, FL WAMI Monday, Thursday, Friday 11:00PM Eastern
Miami Beach, FL WAMI Sunday 2:00 PM Eastern
Milwaukee, WI WDJT-TV58 Saturday 3:00 AM Central
Montreal, QUE, Canada TSN, FTV, EXTV, QNS Monday, Thursday, Friday 10:30 PM Central
Murray, KY WQTV-TV 46 Saturday 11:00 PM Eastern
New Orleans, LA WGNO - TV 26 Monday, Thursday, Friday 2:40 AM Central
New York City Madison Square Garden Monday, Thursday, Friday 1:00 AM Eastern
Ottawa, ONT, Canada ONTV, TSN, ETV, Monday, Thursday, Friday 7:00 PM Eastern
Philadelphia, PA WGTW-TV 48 Monday, Thursday, Friday 9:00 PM Eastern
Pittsburgh, PA WBGN Monday, Thursday, Friday 10:30 AM Eastern
Pittsburgh, PA WBGN Saturday (replay) 11:30 PM Eastern
Puerto Rico WRWR-TV 30 Sunday 5 PM Eastern
San Diego, CA XUPN-TV 49 Saturday 1:00 PM Pacific
Scranton, PA WSWB Saturday 11 PM Eastern
South Bend, IN WMWB - WB69 Saturday 12:00 AM Central
Tallahassee, FL WB17AB Saturday 1:00 PM Eastern
Toronto, ONT, Canada TSN, ONTV Monday, Thursday, Friday 7:30 PM Eastern
West Palm Beach, FL WBWP-TV57 Saturday 10 AM Eastern
Vancouver, BC, Canada BCTV, TSN, V5, Monday, Thursday, Friday 7:00 PM Eastern
Winnipeg, MB, Canada TSN, Global, A-Chan, CKY Monday, Thursday, Friday 7:00 PM Eastern
Youngstown, OH WFYX Saturday 2:00 AM Eastern

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