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This fed was born on April 1 1997

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June 28, 2001 updated by ewcprez
EwC Main Shows
Monday Night Brawl®™
Ace Heart and Guest
ref: Spanish Burrito
Thursday Night Smackdown®™
Ace Heart and Guest
ref: Spanish Burrito
Friday Night Fury®™
Big Mac and Guest
ref: Spanish Burrito
EwC House Shows
Tuesday Night Terror®™
Mike Salo and Joey Flousta
ref: Shane McMaster
Wednesday Warfare ®™
Jimmy Sisco and Robbie Stalinka
ref: Johnny Sisco
Saturday Night Rampage®™
John Markham and Mike Resista
ref: Donny Brasco

Sunday Showdown®™
Charlie Jonah and Sammy Sarlington
ref: James Newfeld

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