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Defending your Title

Many people think I care if you win or lose...well reality check fellas, I don't. But you should. How can I get some gold? Thats a question I get asked on a regular basis...well follow these guidlines and you might just make it to the top...if ya just don't like em...then don't get too upset when my foot meets your ass and send's you utta here.

This belt is open to all new commers. Sometimes you will see heavy weights going for this belt to redeem them-selves and have some calateral if they aint a contender for the World or US titles.
Generaly...this belt is aimed at the rookies. Once you have established a winning record with 3 wins or may become a contender for this belt.
Upon winning this belt you must defend it every card. Thats why it's the TV belt.

This belt is open to all tag teams with a winning record. Of course you must be a contender...but that goes for every title.
This belt must be defended ONCE a week.

Ahhh, one of my faves. To even be considered a contender for this MUST...have a good winning record and have fought in at least 3 GIMMICK matches...such as: "LADDER MATCH, TABLE MATCH, WEAPONS, HELL IN A CELL, CAGE, STREET BRAWL, PARKING LOT MATCH and so on".
This title is to be defended ONCE a week.

The second most wanted title in the EwC...why? I don't know yet. As a rookie thats a goal...cause once you got the US title you know it won't be long until your a contender for the World title.
This belt is to be defended once or twice every 2 weeks. It's up to the champ...but he/she must defend it!! Or I will strip that person...of the title of course.

This is it...the one every bpdy wants. This belt is the most important belt in the world...hence the name WORLD TITLE. You MUST have a awesome win/loss record to be a contender. You must have a winning record and you MUST be an active wrestler that has won at least ONE title.
This belt must be defended ONCE every 2 weeks. No more is needed. Although the owner of this belt is required to stay active in events with NON-TITLE matches. We wouldn't want you to be rusty for your big defence.

ALL BELTS, will most likely be put on the line at every PPV. The TV title may not be...just to give the poor guy a rest. The WORLD title will always be defended at PPV.


A Good Roleplay

Many people confuse long roleplays with good roleplays. Someone could type out a 100 liner roleplay (which is a regular occurence), and be beaten by someone with a 60 line roleplay. When I am judging a match and must decide who's roleplay(s) are better, I often try to visualize what is going on. People that describe where the scene is, what it looks like, visually painting a picture for you. But the speaking of your wrestler must be accurate too. When you speak you must try to stay in character. You cannot have a bad ass like for instance, The Undertaker come out and begin talking like Kurt Angle. It just doesn't fit. Stay in character, and explain your character and his personality through his actions and words in the roleplay.
BTW...I hate rp's that have curse after curse after curse. You don't see that on TV and so I don';t want to see that here. Same thing goes for racial slurs and talking about "gay" stuff. That I wont tolerate. You will warned about using "gay" amd terms like that and then your gone.
If it wasn't for the abuse of that word not too long ago, it might be ok...but thats my rule and so I expect you to stick to it.
What else? Oh ya, you can't attack another EwC wrestler in your rp...and you must have permission to use another wrestler in your rp. Unless he is in your stable.



The following are not required in your roleplays, but can make your roleplays more appealing to the eye, and possibly even catch the readers attention even better.

- Use some HTML: HTML (i.e. pictures, fonts) can really add life to a dull roleplay. Pictures help you tell the reader whats going on, and interesting fonts and colors can help express your character.

- Proper Spelling/Grammar: This can make an otherwise strong RP, hard to read. Try to keep your spelling and grammar correct, it makes a big difference in the end.

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