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Next Hall of Fame Inductie Session:Sep 21 2000
@3pm -Extreme Dome in Toronto

Wrestlers Name Titles Won (#)Titles CommentStatus
Black Ninja
1 EwC World Title The First ever EwC World Champion, record:10w-1L-1T, went 10-0 in first 3 months Retired
19 World Title(5x) U.S. Title(5x)Hard-Core (1x) TV Title(1x) Tag Team (7x) The First ever EwC TV and Tag Team title champ, First wrestler to have won each title at least once, Holds the record for most wins in a month 16 and career 98, Became first King of the Ring, Won first Rumble, First Peoples Champion, Longest Winning Streak 21 Wins, record:98w-22L-4T Active
7 U.S. Title(3x)Hard-Core (1x) TV Title(3x) The First ever EwC wrestler to fight and win 9 match's in a week, Has won 2 Rumbles, Holds the record for fastest win (9 seconds) record:61w-3L Retired
Steve "The Predator" Bennett
7 World Title (1x) U.S. Title(1x)Hard-Core (2x) TV Title(1x) Tag Title (2x) The Second wrestler to have won every belt at least once. record:20w-4L-2T Active
4 World Title (1x) U.S. Title(1x)Hard-Core (1x) Tag Team(1x) Started Career at an impressive 11-0. record:21W-7L-1T Active

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