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The EwC Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 1
>>August 2001

Hello everyone, this is the first edition of the EwC Newsletter. Once or twice a month a newsletter will be sent out to all registered users of the EwC, posted on the EwC website, linked by many Efeds and posted on various OOC Boards. Each will contain the latest news, rumors and upcoming events related to the EwC and other E-Federations.

Site Change: The EwC switched homes…after dhost went belly up, the EwC went to there new address @

New Storyline: Bigmac waged a war on the EwC forming a stable like faction called the X-EwC. Many members left the EwC for the X-EwC thus creating the storyline of Good -vs- Evil.

Title Changes: Jason Leary wins European title, Biohazard wins US title, Buff Burge wins TV title, LOD shocks the world and wins Hard-Core title

Come and Gone: Leaving the EwC was Ian Hensley…a great star, all the best to you and we hope you come back one day. Returning to the EwC was Steve Bennett, Bishop Strong, Max Powers and Buff Burge.

New TV deals: It is reported the Xtreme Network has agreed to terms for TV deals with two major efeds: The HCW and the EWWF. XN is also reportedly in talked with the SWA, NACW and the GSW.

HCW sides with the EwC?: It has been rumored that Bigmac (EwC Commisioner) has been in talks with the HCW President. All that is known right now is that the HCW could become the EwC's new sister fed, or a fed within a fed. Where does this leave the SWA? We have no idea!!!

Interfed Battles on the horizen: With the latest rumors of TV deals, one could only imagine that Interfed battles will follow. With Bigmac fueding with the EwC…one may suspect a HCW -vs- EwC cliffhanger…or perhaps a SWA Invasion?

The SWA held there 5th PPV, titled Apocalypse Now. It featured 16 men, divided into 8 teams in what was called a "Lethal Lottery". A great concept having wrestlers names picked out of a hat and forced to team up. The winners? Rat Fink and D'spayre over Biohazard and Kasheryn (also in the EwC). There next offering? Septembers SADISTIC RAGE 2

The EWWF had there PPV today. Hot of the wire news - Ace Heart reported that Tommy Freedom won the TV title and Hardcore Thugg became the EWWF Extreme Champion. The next EWWF PPV will be HIGHWAY TO HELL which will go head to head with the EwC's STRANGLEMAINIA III on August 26th 2001.

The HCW has been resurrected, but we have no details on the new ownership. All we know is they will have something to do with the EwC and they will be apart of the Xtreme Network, which is owned by the EwC.

The EwC wants anyone and everyone to try-out for the roster. The plan is to make the EwC as competitive as possible while maintaining it's Extreme Dominance in the ring. We are also in need of new card writers. If you are interested please inform the President Chad Powers.

August see's the EwC holding two PPV's. Next weeks COLDFUSION in Montreal and then on the 26th STRANGLEMAINIA III in Las Vegas.

That about wraps things up for the first edition of the EwC Newsletter.

Thanks for your time!!!

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