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March 23, 2003 updated by prezMAC

The Extreme Wrestling Corporation News Page


Welcome to the MOST EXTREME e-federation of all time.

The Extreme Wrestling Corporation is about to come into its 6th year in April of 2003.
After 2 years of being closed...HardCoreWrestling (HCW) was purchased by the EwC. However, the owner Chad Powers underwent serious criminal investogations and was later forced to shut down the EwC and the HCW.

6 months later, the rights to the EwC and the HCW were purchased by E-Fed Wrestling Legend BigMac aka: Danny Mac.
After 2 years, BigMac has clearance to once again open the doors to the EwC with plans to turn Wrestling into a more entertaining, upbuilding and enjoyible visual for the fans.



This main page holds all the top stories of the EwC and of the HCW. It is also UNDER CONSTRUCTION



EwC to re-open doors …
After a short hiatus the EwC has set a date to reopen the EwC, more news to follow
[updated March 23, 2003]

Time to work…
"...if they can play hockey...then we can wrestle...everyone it is time to work" Those were the words of Chad Powers the President of the Extreme Wrestling Corporation and Co-Owner of the Xtreme Network. The EwC has been closed due to the ocurences in the US.
[updated Sep 21, 2001]

Nightmare, Deadeye and FBI all return…
Three of the best have returned to the EwC. FBI and Deadeye have joined up with Bigmac and the HCW in what was 2 and 3 of his surprises at S3. Nightmare had a surprise of his own when he lasted all but 15 minutes as a HCW member and screwd Bigmac. Joining him were Diablos and Shadow Man.
[updated Sep 21, 2001]

Bigmac denied World Title...AGAIN…
For the second time in a row, Chad Powers has screwd Bigmac out of a chance at the World title. He was pulled out of thr match on S3, and was sworn to never have the chance as long as he is with the HCW.
[updated Sep 21, 2001]

FBI returns on Brawl…
Chad Powers kicked Brawl off with an attempt to have Bigmac lose his NA title. After which followed the dramatic return of the EwC's most well known Enforcer...FBI. He claimed war against Bigmac and the HCW, and swore it would come to an end. Bigmac finihed the night off, keeping his title and challangeing LOD and Widowmaker to a 3 way World Title match at STRANGLEMANIA 3.
[updated August 22, 2001]

Coldfusion introduces the HCW…
Several EwC's superstars including Bigmac and Diablos turned on the EwC and joined the HCW. It was infront of over 30,000 fans in Montreal during the EwC's latest PPV COLDFUSION...that the Extreme Wrestling Corporation got the shock of a life time. The HCW invaded the EwC causing much turmoil. Also, Buff Burge became European Champion and Widowmaker won the World Title for the Second time.
The EwC also saw the return of FLAPJACK
[updated August 13, 2001]

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