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Steve Mumbauer 's Fencing Home Page

Fencing isn't just a matter of Life and Death, its much more important than that. If you haven't guessed by now I love to fence. I took up the sport several years ago and now teach Beginners in both Foil & Epee, Beginner2 and Intermediate 1 Foil.

My Weapon of choice is the Epee. It evolved from the Dueling Sword of old. The whole body is target, and there isn't any of that silly Right-of-Way Stuff. He who gets the point on target gets the point, even if it's both of you. I Teach at the Circle d'Escrime in Sellersville, Pa.

Please use the link below to get information on the Fencing School.

The School is run by some really great people. Maestro Tom Harding, his wife Roberta (aka Bert), Head Instructor Karen Ziegler, Instructors Jeff McGaillard, Myself, Eric Green, Eric Schmoyer and Instructor-in-Training Betsy Verhaggen.

The images below are of a couple of Postcards from a series that I collect. The artist is Georg Muhlberg and if anyone has similar cards to trade or sell please contact me. I am also trying to find out any information I can on Herr Muhlberg. If anyone has any information or even any good ideas on where to search I'd be grateful for an email. I also collect other fencing memorabilia and I'll try to get some other images loaded sometime.

Click on the link below to see more Postcard images

Well Thanks for stopping by, Check back again sometime, I'll try to keep things updated and changing just to keep it interesting.

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