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Black Dolphin

Cephalorhynchus eutropia

Average Size

Newborns: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Adults: 4-6 feet

Weight: 65-145 lb

Status: Rare

Population: Unknown

Threats: The threats to the Black Dolphin are getting trapped in fishing nets and hunting.

Quick facts:

The Black Dolphin is one of the smallest of all of the cetaceans.

It is a very poorly known about species.

There have only been a handful of strandings for this dolphin.

Other Names Used:

White-Bellied Dolphin

Chilean Black Dolphin

Chilean Dolphin

Group Size: Are about 2-3 animals or 2-10 at a time. There have been larger groupings of them, but it was only temporary.

Behavior: There is little known information on the behavior of this dolphin. But they are thought to be informal. These dolphins also rarely ever breach. The Balck Dolphin may appear to be shy and will often avoid vessels, but at times will ride the bows.

Where to look for Black Dolphins: Along the coastal waters of Chile


Diet: What these dolphins eat scientists are not yet sure of. But their diet seems to consist of a variety of fish, cephalopods, and crustaceans.

Habitat: Inshore waters

Other interesting facts: