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Kelendria Rowland

Kelly is the one you’d turn to for second lead. It was the catchy hook y’all heard from Bills, Bills, Bills that she holded down. Her amazing voice gets to shine through, second to Beyonce’s lead. Kelly’s mark in the group is substantial to the group’s success. She is the Soul of Destiny’s Child.

Name: Kelendria Rowland

Nickname: Kelly

Birthday: February 11th

Favorite Flower: White Rose

Favorite Perfume: Aqua Di

Favorite Cologne: Aqua Di

Favorite Food: Salads

Favorite Sports Team: LA Lakers and Chicago Bulls Favorite City: Houtson & Atlanta

Pets: A Cat Named Master P

Dream Car: Range Rover

Favorite Movie: Soul Food

Favorite Rapper: Mase

Favorite Singer: Whitney Houtson

Favorite book: How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Read Kelly’s Thank You’s. From her first album...

First I’d like to thank the greatest most high and powerful almight God, I love you. My Mom who is a true blessing to me, my best friend, I love you. My brother, thank you for all our advice, I love you. All of my family, thanks for all your love and support, I love ya! To the best, most talented sistas in the world, Beyonce, La Tavia and Le Toya, I love you guys! Steady takin care of business, the best management, Matthew Knowles, I got nothing but love 4 ya “g”! And the late great Andretta Tillman, you taught me a lot, your spirit lives on, I love you. To the tightest “G” on the block Tina Knowles I thank you so much 4 all that you and your family have done 4 me, I thank God 4 you and love you. To the diva of them all, Solange, I love you girl. And to my best friend Barbara and her family, thanks for all the love & support you have given this group and me. To Abundant Life Cathedral for all your prayers, thank you! My girl Rosie and her husband, and I can’t forget Nasha thank you for spoiling me, I love y’all. And to Sonja and T.J., I love you. And to “The Click” (buy the album please). And if there is anyone I forgot, please forgive me, I love you and God bless u! Love Kelly

And than her second...

Thank you almighty, heavenly father for choosing me to receive all the many blessings I have. I will never turn my back on you, I give you all the praises, I love you. Mommy, I love you always, my “other parents” Tina & Matthew, thank you for all you’ve done 4 me, you are one of my blessings. I love you Beyonce, deeper than a sister or a cousin, words can’t express how much I love you and appreciate you being there, I know you always will be! Le Toya & La Tavia I love you guys! Solange you are beautiful and talented in every way, I love you. My family, thanks 4 being there to support and love me. Aunt Cheryl you are strong, I love you. Barbara & Foti I love you, thanks for being my confidantes. Jessica you are truly a star, big brother thank for being there. Angela B. you’re the best big sister I never had, love ya! Vernell, I love you dearly! Ms. Yvette, thank you so much 4 being there 4 me I thank God for you. Angela P. and Sonja R. my big sisters, and of course my guardian angels Ms. Ann I love you. To all our fans and everyone that I couldn’t name, thanks for the love and support.