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Cameron University Sociology Club
Alaskan Malamute Dog Rescue
German Shepard Dog Rescue

Hi! Our name's are Matt and Melissa. We were raised in Southeast Texas, but we move a lot because of the army. We have two mixed breed cats. Maggie is our little girl cat and Macy is our little boy. They were born in August 2001. We used to have two purebred dogs. Max is a German Shepard we got fron Grafenwohr, Germany. He was born Novenber 24, 2000. Molly is our Alaskan Malamute we got in Texas. She was born on Valentine's Day 2000. We had to find new homes for them because we moved AGAIN and it was way too hot for them in Oklahoma and they didn't have a very large yard or sufficient shade. Max has found a new home with a wonderful new family and he is having a blast!! Molly is currently staying at Melissa's parent's house. We were looking for a place for her too, but Melissa's Dad wants to keep her. Both our dog's have found wonderful new homes and are very happy!! Melissa is a sophomore majoring in Sociology with a minor in Psychology at Cameron University. GO AGGIES!!! She is the Sociology Club Treasurer and a Student Government Representative. Melissa is also a member of Alpha Phi Sorority. Matt has just recently returned to Iraq for the second time in a year. He's scheduled to come home in January 2005.

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