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My news will just be random stuff I hear about Britney.Usually I'll get my news from various sources.

[NEWS FOR 10/17/00]:

-Wow,it has been a while since I've updated.Well,I have too many things going on in my life,but now I think I have found time to update. has just released 21 pictures from Britney's upcoming video,"Stronger".The video is schduled to premiere on October 23rd on Making the Video.

-According to MTV,Britney will be taking the month of December off to spend time at home with her family.

-"Lucky" was number 3 today on TRL.The video is scheduled to be retired sometime this week.

-This November,Britney will be performing in concert on Sky One.Sky One is a British music channel.She will be performing on 5 dates throughout the month.

-That's all the news I can conjuor up for today.Thanks for reading.

[NEWS FOR 7/31/00]:

-Okay,so I lied when I said I'd tried to update the news monthly.I've been a lot more busy this summer than I'd thought and yes I apologize,but I will soon try to update it everyday.

-"Lucky" was number 5 on TRL today.

-According to her last online chat, Britney's next single may be "Stronger".

-That's all for the news today,yeah I know it's brief,but it's a short news day.

[NEWS FOR 6/28/00]:

-Well it's been about a month since my last update,but I've been very busy.Anywho,I've managed to finally add some news.

-According to some reports from various radio stations,Britney spent three hours writing a note to Prince William.Some tidbits from the notes are that she can't wait to meet him when she arrives on her London concert.William also denies having a huge portrait of Britney in his room.

-Some chart news:"Oops I Did It Again" was number 8 on TRL yesterday,and the song is currently number 1 on the Rick Dees Top 40 for the second week in a row.

-This Friday,Britney will be on NBC's Today Show performing for their summer concert series.

-That's all the news today.I'm sorry for the lack of news.I'm going to try to at least update it a couple times a week.

[NEWS FOR 5/16/00]:

-I'm back and it's about time.Now I'll try to update the site at least once a week.

-Well today is the day Oops I did it Again comes out.I just picked my copy of and it's a pretty good album.It's a lot better than her first one.Most of the songs have a mix of pop/r&b/techno sound to it,but it's all good.I give it a 3 out of 4.

-Britney was on today's TRL promoting the album.She talked to the audience and answered a few of their questions.Not much happened.Oops stayed at number 2 on the chart.

-The new edition of Rolling Stone magazine features Britney on the cover.Inside,they talk about Britney's life on the road and rumors about her.It's a pretty lengthy article,but worth reading.

-Next week, Britney will performing on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

-That's all I have for today.I would look for more news but I'm afraid of AOL kicking me off again before I save all the news.C-ya everyone!

[NEWS FOR 4/3/00]:

-Wow,it's been a long time since I've updated the news.Well here are today's news.

-Britney's new video will debut next Monday on MTV's Making the Video.It then be debuted on TRL the following day.Be sure to check it out.

-...Baby One More Time has sold 2 million albums in the United Kingdom.This may not sound like a lot compared to the states,but the UK is a much smaller region.

-Britney will be performing at this year's Nickolodean's Kid Choice Awards.

-Well that's all for the news.Sorry that it wasn't any longer,but I couldn't find any more.

[NEWS FOR 3/17/00]:

-...Baby One More Time fell to number 29 on Billboard's Top 200 and "FTBOMBH" fell to number 33 on Billboard's Hot 100.

-National Inquirer TV reports that Britney will be in possibly a Disney movie called "Red Wolf".A more modern version of "Little Red Riding Wolf".

-It's coming!Britney's next single,"Oops,I Did It Again" is expected to hit the airwaves next weeken.

-That's all for news today.Sorry about the length of it, but I couldn't find anymore quality news.

[NEWS FOR 3/11/00]:

-Here are today's news!

-"FTBOMBH" fell to number 24 on Rick Dee's Top 40 and stayed at number 7 on TRL yesterday.

-...Baby One More Time has gone 12x platinum.Great to hear that the album is still selling strong.

-It's official.Britney is in Playboy,but it's not what you think.She's featured in an interview.Darn!

-Britney is getting some heat for apparently lipsyncing at one of her concerts.It seems that fans at one of her concert were complaining that her singing didn't match up with the vocals and music.

-It's rumored that Britney is living with Justin Timberlake out in his home in California.

-That's all for the news.Thank's for reading.

[NEWS FOR 3/7/00]:

-Good evening and here are today's news!

-Britney Spears is number 3 on this week's Lycos' Top 50 most searched site.She trails Dragonball Z and Pokemon.

-"FTBOMBH" stayed at number 17 on this weekend's Rick Dee's Top 40. is having a Best Female Poll and Britney is currently first on it,followed by Hoku and then Christina Aguilera.Go there and vote for Britney!

-Clairol has just declared Britney as their new spokesperson.It's not confirmed yet because there wasn't a press release,yet.If you don't know what Clairol is,they're a make-up/shampoo company.

-In the Mardi Gras parade,Britney was in the lead float as it followed a path to the Superdome.From there,a party/festival was thrown in honor of the occasion.

-"FTBOMBH" fell to number 7 on today's TRL.

-That's all for news today,thanks for reading!

[NEWS FOR 3/3/00]:

-Hello and welcome to today's daily Britney news.

-I was looking at the Seventeen website today,don't ask why,and I came across an article about Britney and her upcoming tour and album.Looks like they don't like her very much since they were being very sarcastic. They mentioned things like "Can you stand it" or "Oops,she's touring again."It just sounds very suspicious.Hmmmmmm....

-...Baby One More Time moved up 3 spots to number 17 on Billboard's Top 200 while "FTBOMBH" fell 3 spots to number 17 on Billboard's Hot 100.

-Just a reminder,Britney's first single comes out March 27th and its called "Oops,I Did It Again"

-"FTBOMBH" fell to number 15 on MuchMusic's Countdown and that same video will go up against Jennifer Lopez's video on tonight's MuchMusic Combat Zone.

-Britney will be on the cover of yet another magazine.But this time,it'll be a business magzaine.That's right,she'll be gracing the cover of Forbes Magazine.The issue should hit stands next week.

-It's been reported that Britney has bought a two million dollar house in a small villiage somewhere in England.The mansion is called Battleewood Manor and ironically,is 20 minutes away from Prince William's Mansion., and don't forget to leave you EMAIL ADDRESS! Sorry for not having the direct link to mail me, I'm sorta new at this HTML stuff.

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