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Sarah Matrix and Raven's ReBoot Homepage

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A long time ago (last week), in a galaxy right next door... I, Sarah, had the bright idea to make a ReBoot page. I mean, there's not nearly enough of them, right? :)

So I, Raven, as a loyal friend and fellow ReBoot fan, decided misery loves company, and I threw my efforts in. What results is the story of... Sarah Matrix and Raven's ReBoot Homepage!

You like us! You really like us! Our site has received enough votes to be nominated for the "best new site" award. Thanks to all of you who nominated us! If you're one of those people, E-mail one of us..So we can shower you with gratitude. Voting has finally opened! Please take this link and vote our site for "best new site" and "best site." PRETTY PLEASE??

We love Sailor AndrAIa!! She was kind enough to tell us that...drumroll, please SHE WAS VISITOR 452!! And we ALL know that's the best visitor to be. She hit 452 at 3:16PM on October 8. Let's give her a round of applause, and thank her for being nice enough to record the EXACT time and day of this momentous occasion. We'll celebrate by eating slimy things that wiggle all the way down. Yum! Thanks Sailor AndrAIa!!

This site's already been up for three months!!! We REALLY want to thank everyone who's stopped by in that time. Whether you signed the guestbook, E-mailed us with a kind word, or just kept continually opening the page to increase the hit counter, we really appreciate it. We've already had 803 hits! Your support means everything to us. Thanks.
Would you like to talk to Sarah?
Or do you want to take your chances with Raven?
We're both very interesting...

ReBoot and all of its characters are property of Mainframe Entertainment. We're making this page purely for entertainment reasons...We aren't making a cent off it! Hope you enjoy your stay! :)

You can sign a guestbook without even going to your aunt's college roomate's sister's wedding! Guestbook by GuestWorld Or if you're too basic to sign, just take a peek.:)

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