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Trick or Treat Results

The crowd in the Continental Airlines Arena in New Jersey was buzzing as the Pay-Per-View "Trick or Treat" first went on the air, with the first match of the evening being a 2 out of 3 fall hardcore match between Hardcore Holly of Children of the Korn and Mark Henry of E-DXS.

Henry started the brighter of the two, by taking down Holly with some powerful chops to the chest area.Henry then whipped Holly off the ropes, but Holly hit an uppercut and rocked the big guy.Holly then went to show how super heavyweight he really was and went to suplex "Sexual Chocolate".However Henry reversed the move and Holly was suplexed instead.

Henry then picked up Holly and showed amazing strength to drop his opponent across the top rope and send him crashing to the mat.Henry then delivered a big splash on his opponent and scored the first fall of the contest.

Holly wasn't too happy with his first fall loss, and he pushed Henry through the ropes to the outside, where he picked up a steel chair and cracked it across Mark's back.Holly then picked up the ring steps and threw them into the ring, before rolling Henry back inside of the ring.

Holly then laid Henry across the steps and hit an amazing version of a frog splash, before pinning Henry on top of the steps and taking the match into a deciding fall!!!

Holly then pulled off the turnbuckle padding to reveal the steel, before kicking Henry in the ribs.Holly then went to the outside to bring a chair into the ring, but Henry rolled to the outside and clotheslined Holly over the barracades and into the crowd!!!

Holly staggered to his feet, but Henry kicked him in the face, before whipping him into a burger stall situated at the refreshment area.Henry picked up a tray and smacked it across the back of Hardcore Holly's head.Henry then placed Holly above his head, before delivering a press slam on the burger stall, and pinned Holly to score the third fall and the match, via pinfall.

Up next, the tag team gold was on the line as Gangrel & Droz defended the belts against Bradshaw & Mideon of Children of the Korn in what was a great contest.Droz started things off with Mideon, who hit a dropkick to rock the pierced one early on, and followed up with several hard shots to the forehead before tagging in Bradshaw who continued to take down Droz.

Droz however didn't lie down and hit back with a DDT when Bradshaw was unaware and managed to tag in Gangrel who took out Bradshaw with a clothesline and shoved Mideon off the apron!!!Mideon tried to get involved, but the referee held him back, which enabled Gangrel and Droz to double team Bradshaw in the other corner.

Gangrel then applied a figure four on Bradshaw in attempt to make the texan submit, but Bradshaw made it to the ropes and a break was forced by the referee.Gangrel then whipped Bradshaw into the corner and charged at him with great speed.However Bradshaw moved out of the way and the turnbuckle was still off after the last match, and Gangrel's head connected with the steel.

Bradshaw hit a clothesline from hell, and he and Mideon had won the tag belts thanks to the exposed corner!!!

Up next came another tag contest as The British Bulldog and Faarooq took on Stevie Richards and The Blue Meanie.Richards kicked things off with Faarooq, who used his strength to overpower Richards early in the bout.

Faarooq and Bulldog made quick and frequent tags as Richards seemed to be in a lot of trouble, but "Big Stevie Cool" was able to catch Bulldog with a spear before tagging in the Meanie, who hit Bulldog with a DDT.

The Meanie then went to the top rope and the crowd got excited as he attempted the Meanie-sault.The British Bulldog moved however and tagged in Faarooq who showed no mercy on the meanie.Faarooq continually kicked The Blue One in the ribs, before Richards interviened and dropkicked Faarooq to the outside.

Faarooq got back in quickly and set up The Blue Meanie across the top rope, as the Bulldog came from the top turnbuckle with an elbow.Richards tried to get involved again, but The Bulldog caught him in a running powerslam, as The Blue Meanie received a dominator and The Bulldog and Faarooq won the bout after Faarooq pinned the meanie.

After a Hell on Earth promo, the attention turned to backstage where the AWA Owner and Scott Hall had just started their Lion's Den contest which was witnessed by some of the AWA superstars chilling out in the back.

The aim of the game was to be the last man standing, and Scott Hall showed no mercy on the Owner, by ramming his head into the den walls on numerous occasions.Hall then hit a DDT on the owner, before climbing the den wall onto the ledge, where he went to hit an elbowdrop on the fallen owner.The Owner amazingly moved, and the match continued.

The owner started punching Hall in the side of the head a few times, and whipped The Outsider into the den wall, before going for a piledriver.However Hall reversed the hold and tossed the owner over his shoulder onto the canvas.

Hall then hit a piledriver of his own, before looking to end the contest by signaling that he was going to ram the owners head into the den wall.However, although Hall did this, the impact of the move, caused the referee, who was standing on the ledge above the action, to fall from his position and into the den.

Hall raised in arm in victory, but the referee was out cold so the match wasn't officially over.Kevin Nash came down with a pair of pliers and opened the den door in order for his partner to get out of the cell.However Chris Jericho entered the arena with a chair in hand, and laid out Nash with it, before slamming the door into Hall's face.

Jericho left pleased with his actions, as a second referee came to the den.The AWA Owner was slightly moving, showing he was still concious, but Scott Hall was totally blacked out, meaning a shocking victory for the AWA Owner!!!

The Big Boss Man was interviewed backstage about his hardcore title match with Mankind later in the evening, and he stated that after he had burnt Mankind, he would take Socko and use him to hold his owner's ashes in once the match was over!!!

The crowd erupted as Chris Jericho returned to the arena, laughing as Scott Hall was carried out by EMTs, for his Iron Man match with Kanyon.The match was one of the greatest in AWA history and this is how it went...

1:34:-Jericho took the first opportunity, when Kanyon missed a charge in the corner and his shoulder connected with the ringpost.Jericho applied an armbar, but Kanyon made it too the ropes and the match progressed.

8:16:-Jericho had dominated the match so far, but Kanyon caught him with a reverse DDT when he posed to the crowd and followed up with a dropkick from the top ropes.Kanyon went for his flatliner, but Jericho hit a russian leg sweep and the match continued.

16:42:-Kanyon took out Jericho with a standing vertical suplex and applied a sleeper hold on Jericho.Jericho powered out by elbowing Kanyon in the stomach, but Kanyon hit a backbody drop when Jericho came off the ropes.

22:53:-Still locked at 0-0, both men were starting to feel the effects of the early match speed and lay exhausted on the canvas.Kanyon was up first and hit a piledriver on Jericho, who looked hurt.For the second time in the match Kanyon went for the flatliner, but Jericho turned the move into an inside cradle but only managed a two count.

27:03:-As the contest reached its halfway stage, Jericho was looking in control, and catapulted Kanyon into the corner, before hitting a neckbreaker.Jericho however only managed to get a two count, and the match carried on.

34:24:-Jericho was hit by a DDT but recovered when Kanyon went to the top rope and moved out of the way of a moonsault.Jericho then set up his opponent on the top rope and hit an amazing underhook suplex before posing for the cameras.

46:12:-Three quarters of an hour into the bout, it was still without a fall and Jericho was in control of the tide.Jericho hit several awe inspiring moves to impress the "Jerichaholics" before setting up the Walls of Jericho right in the center of the ring.

Suddenly Scott Hall ran down to ringside and taunted Jericho forcing him to break the move and become distracted.Kanyon came from behind Jericho and attempted a roll-up, but Jericho kicked out at two.

51:51:-With just eight minutes left, Scott Hall had been escorted from ringside by officials and the first fall finally came.Kanyon mounted the top rope in attempt to hit a 360, but Jericho amazingly diverted Kanyon's head into the canvas and scored a pin!!!It was 1-0 Jericho.

59:02:-Knowing he had one minute to force a draw, Kanyon was throwing everything at Jericho, but he made a great mistake as the contest drew to a close.He attempted a dropkick on Jericho, but the "Ayatollah" caught his legs and applied the Walls of Jericho.

The bell sounded and Jericho let go of the hold, as he had won the contest via the pinfall he had got in the 52nd minute!!!

Up next, The Big Boss Man wheeled down a dumpster and placed it alongside a can of petrol as he got ready for the Hardcore Title "Dumpster Inferno" contest.However Mankind didn't show up for the bout, instead it was Cactus Jack!, which shook up the Boss Man as the bout got underway...

Cactus took down Boss Man with a chopblock, and shoved him to the outside, before picking up a broom and smashing it across his head.Cactus then climbed onto the ring apron and went to elbow the Boss Man.However the Boss Man moved out of the way and Jack's arm cracked against the concrete floor.

The Boss Man still had his limp from ATTITUDE, and worked on Cactus' right knee with a steel chair, before whipping him into side of the dumpster.Boss Man opened the lid of the dumpster and rolled Cactus Jack back into the ring, before going round to the ring announcer and taking the bell hammer.

Boss Man returned to the ring and went to hit Cactus with the hammer, but Cactus managed to hit a DDT first, before pulling out Mr.Socko!!!Socko was shoved down the gullet of The Big Boss Man, and Cactus looked to have the contest won when he clotheslined his opponent in the dumpster and shut the lid.

Cactus then started pouring petrol on the dumpster, but Bradshaw the former DXS member/Hardcore Champion and new tag champion hit the scene and laid out Cactus with a chair.Bradshaw then helped the Boss Man out of the dumpster and placed Jack into it, before leaving.

The Big Boss Man took a petrol bomb from under the ring and lit it before throwing it at the dumpster, and setting it ablaze!!!He was awarded the match and the Hardcore Title, as a fire crew rushed to put out the fire!!!

The crowd was shown by AWA cameras as Cactus Jack was placed onto a stretcher and wheeled out of the arena, and then a preview of the evenings main event was shown!!!

After that, the participants were announced for the Six-Pack "Winner takes all" match-up and the brawl kicked off!!!

Sabu and Hollywood Hogan went at it to start with, as Val Venis and Mr.Ass double teamed on Kevin Nash, with Taz getting involved in action where ever he could!Val Venis took the first opportunity, by going for a pin on Kevin Nash.However Mr.Ass pushed his E-DXS team mate off Nash and the two started fighting in the center of the ring!!!

Sabu and Taz started fighting also, and went to the outside of the ring with Sabu in control of his partner.Hogan and Nash of nWo also went at it, showing there was truly no friends in a match like this and that particular fight was looking good for Hogan.

Val Venis again looked to have the match won when he delivered a DDT to Mr.Ass.However Ass kicked out with a split second left until the referee's hand hit the mat for three and the match continued.

Taz and Sabu had now split up and concentrated on Hogan and Nash, but the crowds attenetion turned to the rampway, where Bradshaw was coming down to the ringside area.Venis noticed this, and he was distracted by the former DXS member.

Mr.Ass was also distracted and Sabu attempted to roll-up Ass for the win, but Ass kicked out and he and Sabu started a brawl of their own.Bradshaw went around the ring and picked up a chair as the action was hotting up, and nailed Val Venis in the back of the head, when Val attempted to attack him.

Mr.Ass and Hogan started a fight, but Bradshaw climbed up on the ring apron and smashed the chair across Ass' head.The referee ordered Bradshaw back, but Bradshaw refused as Sabu hit him with a dropkick which sent him crashing to the floor!!!

Bradshaw was livid and challenged Sabu to fight him.Suddenly the crowd erupted as Dude Love (aka Mankind and Cactus Jack) entered the arena through the crowd and clamped Mr.Socko down the throat of Bradshaw!!!

As Nash, Hogan and Sabu looked on, Taz saw his opportunity and hit his own partner Sabu with a Taz-Plex!!!One three count later and Taz had won the contest and the three title belts!!!

The victory was short lived however as the Children of the Korn rushed to the ring and assaulted the victor, along with Nash and Hogan, until the rest of E-DXS evened the scores!!!

Suddenly a Millennium Countdown came on the AWA 'tron and Chris Jericho appeared up the top of the rampway!!!As Jericho looked on, Scott Hall came from behind and assaulted Jericho down the rampway, as Trick or Treat came to a bitter end!!!

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