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Hell on Earth

The crowd was electric as Hell on Earth kicked off and The British Bulldog made his way down the ramp.An even bigger cheer came as The Big Show's music hit the speakers and the opening bout of the evening kicked off in the TV Title Tournament.

Big Show delivered several fists to Bulldog which rocked the Brit and he dropped him with great strength, across the top strand.Big Show signalled for an early showstoppa, but Bulldog crawled to the outside and out of harms way.

Big Show followed Bulldog to the outside and after ramming his head into the ring steps returned his opponent to the ring.Bulldog delivered a dropkick as Big Show returned, and went to work on the Shows knees.However when The Bulldog whipped Big Show off the ropes, Big Show delivered a big boot to the Bulldogs face, before delivering a showstoppa and advancing to the semi-finals!

Backstage, Crash Holly was shown arriving at the arena with his bag in hand and he was accompained by Kimberley as he entered the locker rooms.

Up next, Viscera and The Rock went one on one in an electric contest.Before the bout, The Rock told Viscera that if he stuck things up his ass, then he would explode!Viscera took down The Rock with a clothesline and raked away at his face causing The Rock to become slightly dazed.

Viscera then whipped The Rock into the corner and delivered a huge splash in the corner to knock the wind right out of The Great One.Viscera hit a neckbreaker on The Rock and signalled for his big splash from the second rope.Suddenly The Rock started rolling around in pain holding his neck and the referee asked Viscera to wait.

The referee asked The Rock if he was OK and helped the great one to his feet.Viscera then mounted the top rope to try and leap on The Rock, but The Rock was playing games all along and delivered a backbody drop from the top rope!After the Peoples Elbow, the crowd erupted as The Rock advanced to the semi-finals!

After a look at the tournament bracket, the show returned with Mark Henry taking on The Big Boss Man for the right to face The Big Show in the semi-finals.Henry used his power to take down his opponent early on, but Boss Man retaliated with shots to the forehead of Henry.Boss Man whipped Henry off the ropes and delivered a clothesline before posing to the crowd.

Henry struggled back to his feet and hit Boss Man with a knee to the stomach, before applying a bear hug.Boss Man managed to escape the hold by biting Henry and he clotheslined the big guy to the outside.Boss Man followed his opponent and wanted to use a chair.However the referee assured the Boss Man that it was not Hardcore Rules and took the chair from the Boss Man.

As Boss Man argued, Mark Henry went to squash him between himself and the ringpost.However, the Boss Man moved and Henry's head connected with the post.Boss Man returned to the ring and stood on the ropes celebrating as Mark Henry was counted out.

Up next, Mr.Ass was shown arriving at the arena joking to someone about Chris Jericho and Crash Holly on his mobile phone.

The final quarter final in the TV Title tournament got underway as Road Dogg and Test hooked up.Road Dogg made his familiar entrance, and was sporting stitches after Scott Hall's attack the previous night on ATTITUDE.Test took advantage of this and worked immediately on Road Dogg's skull, but Road Dogg had other ideas and hit Test with a DDT.

Test staggered to his feet and Road Dogg whipped him off the ropes and hit an elbow to the face.Road Dogg was on fire and after hitting a piledriver, he set up Test for the Stretch Armstrong to look to end the contest.However Test turned the move into an inside cradle, which Road Dogg just managed to kick out of.

The match then turned into Test's favour and the big guy hit Road Dogg right between the eyes with a big boot, and bust him wide open.Test then set up his own pumphandle variation move, but the same result happenend as Road Dogg rolled him up!This time they was no kick out and Road Dogg advanced to meet The Rock in the semi-finals!

As officials constructed the ring for the Inferno Match, Road Dogg was shown getting his head cleaned by a doctor who told the Road Dogg that he was this close from suffering a concusion.Aswell as that Chris Jericho was shown entering the arena, and Edge was carrying all of his partners bags for him!

The Inferno Match was up next as Sting and Rey Mysterio Jnr. went at it.After both men had entered the ring, the fire blazed and the contest got underway.Sting hit Rey with a suplex early on and was in complete control of the action.Rey however hit Sting with a suprising bridge, and used the top rope as levridge to hit a somersault onto his opponent!

The fire was getting hotter and Rey delivered several high kicks to Sting to wear down one of the Sharpshooters.Suddenly, Bret Hart appeared and taunted Rey, calling him "Stick Man" and Rey appeared to be distracted.However The Rock came out to even things up and he and Bret went at it at the top of the ramp!

Back in the ring, Sting delivered a reverse DDT to Rey and pointed to the fire as if he was going to throw Rey into it!However Rey picked up Sting and delivered a sidewalk slam to send the crowd wild!However the crowds cheers were silenced as Bret Hart tossed The Rock off the side of the rampway and onto lots of electrical equipment below.Rey became distracted as he was worried about the condition of his partner, and Sting pushed him into the fire and he won the match as Rey's arm was set on fire!

Officials rushed to the scene and put out the fire as Sting and Bret left and.They was more bad news as it was revealed that The Rock had suffered three broken ribs.

Up next, the smell of burning was still around, as X-Pac, Billy Kidman and Kurt Angle went at it under triple threat rules.Before the bout, Kurt Angle had this to say to the fans...

Angle:-"I cannot believe you people would boo an olympic gold medalist(crowd boos), but yet cheer an Inferno Match!(crowd cheers).You people are sick, I don't want to talk no more!"

After that the contest got underway and X-Pac and Kidman double teamed Kurt Angle as the crowd chanted "ANGLE SUCKS".Kurt however gained the upper hand when he delivered a double clothesline to his opponents and tossed X-Pac to the outside, before working on Billy Kidman's back.

X-Pac quickly returned to his feet and went to leap on Kurt Angle.Hoever Angle saw it coming and caught X-Pac in midair, before delivering a fallaway slam, and picking up a quick victory!

Kurt Angle celebrated to an angry crowd as X-Pac and Kidman looked on in amazement inside of the ring.

Backstage, Road Dogg was told by doctors not to continue competeing for a further two weeks.However the D O double G told the doctors to SUCK IT and left the treatment room!

The first semi-final in the TV Title tournament got underway as The Big Boss Man and The Big Show hooked up.Boss Man gained the early advantage when he took down the Show with a dropkick to the knees.Boss Man then mounted the top rope and looked to leap onto The Show.However The Big Show caught Boss Man around the neck and looked to end the bout!

The Boss Man had other ideas and hit a low blow on the Show, which the referee didn't see and he then delivered a knee to the Show's face.Boss Man went to the outside and for the second time in the evening, he picked up a steel chair.The referee pulled the chair off the Boss Man and both men argued.

This gave Big Show his opportunity and he went to boot Boss Man in the face.However the Boss Man moved and the referee caught the full force of the blow.Boss Man picked up the chair and laid out the Big Show, before another referee rushed down to the ring and counted down the Show's shoulders meaning the Boss Man was in the finals!

Up next The Rock was shown in his dressing room getting his ribs bandaged.He told the female doctor who was standing by to get out of his room and make The Rock some poontang pie!

After that, the Road Dogg came to the ring...

Dogg:-"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages DX 5000 proudly brings to you its soon to be Television Champion of the wooorrlllllddddddd The Road Dogg Jesse Jammes!"

The Rock then entered and was ready to start things off immediately.After the two exchanged rights and lefts in the center of the ring, The Rock took down Road Dogg with a DDT, which hurt Road Dogg's head and The Rock's ribs.The Rock was up first however and he started kicking Road Dogg in the face, once again busting up the D O double G.

The Rock was determined and he hit several more shots to the head, before clotheslining Road Dogg to the outside.Road Dogg was dazed, but he managed to return to the ring and catch The Rock with a quick piledriver.As the two men lay in the ring, Bret Hart returned to the scene with a baseball bat in hand.

Bret took the bat and used it on The Rock's ribs, before he cracked it across Road Dogg's skull!Bret then took a microphone and told The Rock that their rivalry was far from over, and told Road Dogg that the European Title was going around the "Hitman" after LIVE! on Thursday night.

After this EMTs rushed to the ring and carried both The Rock and Road Dogg out on a stretcher quoting that both men would be kept in hospital for tests.

Backstage the AWA Owner was given the news of the incident and was asked by Michael Cole what would happen regarding the TV Title.The Owner told the world that The Boss Man would be the new TV Champion, but The Rock and Road Dogg would both get the first shot at the title once they were 100%!

The Owner went on to tell the AWA fans that he would kiss Jericho's feet, if the Intercontinental Champion walked out of the Kiel Center with the title after the night was over.

In the locker room area The Boss Man was shown celebrating alongside Hollywood Hogan as he was presented with the Television Title.

After the evening was shuffled around, the final contest of the night was up next as the Hell in a Cell was lowered and the AWA Owner had even more to say...

Owner:-"Jericho, I heard you resort to plan B earlier this evening.Just to tell you that only you, Mr.Ass, Crash, me, the commentary team and DX 5000 are allowed in this arena tonight.DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!"

With that the AWA Owner joined Jim Ross and Bobby Heenan for color commentary, as Mr.Ass entered the arena first and scaled the cell walls to reach the top of the cell.After that, Chris Jericho came out upset as to why he wasn't called out last, and he and Mr.Ass started things off before the entry of Crash Holly was complete!

Crash eventually made it to the top of the cell, and the crowd erupted as DX 5000 (except the Road Dogg) made their way to the ringside area to make sure there was no outside interference in the match.Crash and Mr.Ass started double teaming Jericho, and looked like they were going to toss him off the cell on numerous occasions!

However, Crash and Mr.Ass started going at it, enabling Jericho to recover and take a breath as the other two went at it.DX 5000 had their first job to do, when they beat up a cameraman for getting too close to the action!

Crash was having trouble with Mr.Ass, until Jericho interviened and assualted Mr.Ass.With both men down, Jericho was confident and he went to apply the Walls of Jericho on Crash.However, Crash pushed Jericho with his feet and Jericho was sent toppling!Jericho was very close to the edge of the cell and Crash ran to clothesline Jericho off the edge.However Jericho ducked and Crash fell halfway down the cell wall, holding on for dear life!

Mr.Ass was up and he and Jericho then went at it as Crash struggled to climb back up the cell walls.Crash eventually made it and hit Jericho with a spear, before hitting Jericho with fists to the head!Mr.Ass seised his opportunity and hit Crash with a Fame-Ass-Er, before pinning Crash and eliminating the self-proclaimed "Superheavyweight".

Crash was furious and he started going at it with Mr.Ass!Suddenly Bret Hart and Sting returned yet again, and DX 5000 started beating down on the Sharpshooters!Meanwhile on the top of the cell, Chris Jericho saw that Crash and Mr.Ass were going at it and pushed both men from the top of the cell, straight through the commentary booth, landing on JR, Bobby Heenan and the AWA Owner!

Chris Jericho had retained his IC Title and celebrated by jumping up and down at the top of the cell!Bad luck for Jericho finally showed, as he fell through the cell as the pressure caused the mesh to break, and as Hell on Earth went off air, Chris Jericho, Crash Holly, Mr.Ass, Jim Ross, Bobby Heenan and the AWA Owner needed serious help in the arena.

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