Wayne McRae and I joined fellow DX’er Lorne Chestnut for a mini DX’pedition in southwest Manitoba in the Turtle Mountain Provincial Park. We would be using Lorne’s trailer for DX’ing from if it got too cool or wet. Other wise we were set up under the trailer’s canopy.

We decided to string a couple of antennas out through the wooded area behind the trailer because nobody but crazy DX’ers would go through there for a walk. It was fairly easy to string out some wire above your head over branches and limbs on the trees. Even I could not get lost as I could follow the antenna back to the trailer. My sense of direction leaves much to be desired.

The antennas went up fairly easy and we figured in a few hours once it was sunset we should get some DX. We had a great meal and then settled in for DX’ing. Just as we got going there was a terrible noise coming from the wooded area we had walked through to put out the antennas. Opinions varied as to what it was that made the noise. A dog or just some kids being goofy seems to be the consensus after a few more odd noises were heard. The DX was not great and then a rain/thunder storm began to brew. The radio equipment went into the trailer. Well maybe the FM DX would be better than the BCB stuff we had planned on.

Next morning after a good sleep but no real DX we set off to wind up the antennas. I got about 300 feet out and the wire stopped. I had at least 500 feet out but the wire just disappeared. What had happened to my wire. I knew where it should be but it was gone. I moved off the path to the right in the woods and about 25 feet away I saw some wire dangling from a tree. I went to get it down and realized that there was a large piece of my wire there. It was all bent up and wrapped around some branches what a mess it was.

But how did it get there 90 degrees to where I had put it out. I got Wayne and Lorne help me retrieve the wire from the trees. Then it dawns on Lorne. There is only one way that the steel wire we were using was snapped and dragged at that height. The noises we heard last night wasn’t a dog or kids. It was a moose! The only thing tall enough to snag the wires up in the trees. A bull moose had come along and snagged my antenna wire with his antlers. The noise was probably him trying to shake off the wire. His antlers were wound in the wire and he tried to get free. He took off down the other path breaking the wire and dragging it away to where I found it.

Well at least it wasn’t a snow plow this time so the ICOM was safe. You just never know what will find your antenna besides the radio stations you hoped would.


Remember On A Clear Day You Can Hear Forever

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