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Concert Photos - 4/4/02

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Here are some photos I personally took at an *NSYNC concert on April 4, 2002.
All of these are from the Celebrity 2002 Tour. Enjoy, but please don't take any of them without my permission! :-)

To read my little comments about each picture, just hover your mouse over each photo. (You don't need to click on it.)

Not So Boyband performing Not So Boyband singing Not So Boyband on the stage Tony Lucca singing Two little kids that Smashmouth brought up on stage from the crowd The lead singer from Smashmouth talking to the little girl from the crowd. She and the little boy were so cute! Smashmouth performing with the little kids on stage Smashmouth performing Chris during the opening video Justin during the opening video Lance and JC laughing during the opening video Joey during the opening video Chris at the beginning of 'Do Your Thing' *NSYNC on the walkway during 'Do Your Thing' The guys performing 'Bye Bye Bye' All of the guys singing 'It's Gonna Be Me' Chris, Lance, Joey, and JC on the walkway during 'For The Girl Who Has Everything' *NSYNC on the walkway singing 'For The Girl' Joey performing 'For The Girl' The guys singing 'God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You' Justin during 'God Must Have Spent' All of the guys at the end of 'God Must Have Spent' *NSYNC performing 'Tearin' Up My Heart'

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