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Pics of Me and Friends!

New Pics of Friends!

Wow, these pics are really old.. click the link to see newer pics of friends! but that doesn't mean you can't look at these.. yea

From Left to right: Me, Rob, and Brodie... just for kicks!

On the top from left to right: Brodie, Mike F, Chad, Then on the bottom, Me, Kyle, and Mike

That's Kurtis (Manson freak!!)

These pics taken March 15th 1999!

Mike C. Yep, he's annoying!

Michael C's eyes...!!

Brodie and Mike C!!

Mike F... His Page

That's Kurt-man!
These are newer ones, from the end of grade 8

Kurtis again

Kurtis Again, don't ask me where he's looking!

Kevin (Funny Guy!)

Erin, Christie, and Brittany

New Pics of Friends!