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Other Friends!

This is Rob. Doesnt look happy does he? no. And that thing at the bottom.. umm.. i have no clue.. either my finger was on the lens, or something strange is going on... ?

This be Kurt and his women. Just kiddin.. they aint his women, but they'r ein the picture, so we can pretend they are his women. or something. Anyways, that's Chelsey, Courtney, and half of Stephanie.

This is Kathryn, she was laughing at something and wasn't ready for the picture, but that's ok, it's all about blackmail..

OK, um this one.. well i have NO idea why i have that look on my face, but haha i took the picture, with my arms out and stuff, sooo, well.. I try. That's Christie behind me.

This is Brittany and Christie.. umm kinda blurred..

This is Christie.. haha she wasn't ready for this one.. I took it anyways.. once again.. blackmail.

This is Christie again.. obviously. yep..