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Group Pictures

This one was taken in grade 8. That's me, courtney, brittany, and bobbie.

Kurtis, Brodie, Me, and Mike Cochrane.

I don't feel like listing all the people in this one. Figure it out yourself.

This one was supposed to be the sexual pose, but everyone didn't do it at the same time.. soo it's queer.

I think chris is bending over in every single picture.. haha

OK, this is Brodie, Chris (trying to reach the box of smarties with his tongue), Kurt (thinking, what the?),Mike C above kurt (thinking: ahh! i left my muffins in the oven), and Chris B.

Chris, Kevin (wearing someone's glasses), Me (i have no idea why I have that look on my face), and Mike (I have no idea why he has that look on his face either).