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Win My Award!

Well now, here's were you can win my award! Just mail me your site URL and your E-mail address and I'll see which award your site will win! It's that easy! But, if you site isn't good at all and barely has anything, You WILL NOT get any awards. The requirements are next to the sample awards. If you do win one of my awards, I will send you the HTML code for the award and you must place it on your site AS IS, LINK MY SITE and SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!! You may not mess around with the code. Just fill out the form.

**NOTE: You MUST put a Java Script note on your awards page so that your awards don't get stolen. I will include the HTML code for that in the mail if you win one of my awards. This means, if someone right-clicks on your awards page, they will get a pop-up message. This is a must!

What is your name or nickname?

How old are you? M or F??

Where are you from and how did you find my site?

E-mail address?

Site URL?

Did you sign my PokéBook and link my site?? Remember!!!

Trainer Award

This is the Trainer Award, you can win it if your site is okay, but needs some work. This award is the easiest to get, but I'm very picky sometimes! Don't think that just because you have a site that I'm gonna give you this award!
Required hits: 150+

PokéLeague Award

To get this award, your site would have to be good with no broken or messed up links that take you to a place where you didn't want to go. For example, I was on this one site in which you click on a link and it took me somewhere totally different. I won't say which site or which section though.
Required hits: 500+

PokéMaster Award

Now this is the hardest award to get! I demand perfection for you to get this award! No spelling mistakes what so-ever and no broken links.
Required hits: 1,000+