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GokuMew2's PokéZONE


My Official PokéLicense I've caught the PokéFever!!
I'm actually 13 now!
I'm a Pokémon Trainer!

This site is dedicated to:

Veronica Taylor (Ash & Mrs. Ketchum), Eric Stuart (James & Brock), Rachael Lillis (Jessie & Jigglypuff), Ted Lewis (James, Giovanni & many one-time characters), Lisa Ortiz (Misty), and the rest of the Pokémon cast!!


Satoshi Tajiri (author of Pokémon), Ken Sugimori (animator of all Pokémon), Shigeru Miyamato, Keiji Kinebuchi, Nintendo of Japan & America, 4Kids Entertainment, Kids' WB, all the hard-working Pokémon animators
and the GREAT MEWTWO!!!!!

If you're a VA or work in the production of Pokémon, PLEASE SIGN MY POKéBOOK!!! Eric Stuart has been kind enough to do so. Thanks Eric!!

Welcome to the PokéZONE! I hope you also visit my other site, GokuMew2's DBZ Extreme. Please come and visit it sometime! Some sections are links to my other site. I will try to update this site whenever I can which I hope is at least once a week or two. Just have patience. Remember, all things come to those who wait! Also, please sign my Pokébook!!


Do so by going to my VOTE 4 ME!! section and clicking on the banners.

Last Updated Tuesday, April 25, 2000
This page was created Monday, August 16, 1999

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So when if that pop-up message comes up saying that there was an error while running Java Scripts, click on yes if you need/want to sign my Pokébook!

Latest Update!
Okay, okay. Please don't get mad at me for not updating this site in a long time! I was busy and had other things to do. Anyhow, I updated the episode guide, bios, and added Tracey's bio. How's that for an update?!


Pokémon The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back! and Pocket Monsters: Revelation-Lugia

Pokémon The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back! Pocket Monsters: Revelation-Lugia

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