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Together Forever

Together Forever (Cummings/Loeffler)
Lead Vocal: J. P. Hartman
BG Vocals: Russell Velazquez, Sharon Bryant, Elaine Caswell, Ken Cummings
Guitar: Glen Sherman
Co-produced and arranged by Ken Cummings

[This song kinda reminds me of BSB. At the beginning at least. Hehe.]

You've been such a good friend
I've known you since I don't know when
We've got a lot of friends,
But they come and go
Even though we've never said it,
There's something that the two of us both know

Together, forever no matter how long
From now, until the end of time
We'll be together, and you can be sure
That forever and a day
That's how long we'll stay
Together and forever more

Always gong that extra mile
Depended on you all the while
Even in the good and bad times
You will see
From now until our journey's end
You know you can always count on me


No matter where our destiny leads
I'll be there for you, always come through
And that you can believe

([Ash:] Come on you guys! I gotta get another badge!)
([Misty:] Don't forget you still need to pay for my bike Ash Ketchum!)
([Brock:] Oh no! Not this again!)
([Pikachu:] Pikachu.)


(Repeat CHORUS)