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Pokémon (Dance mix)

Pokémon (Dance Mix) (Siegler/Loeffler/Grossfeld)
Lead Vocal:Vicki Sue Robinson
BG Vocals: Russell Velazquez, John Loeffler, Louis Cortelezzi, Ken Cummings, Vicki Sue Robinson, Curtis King
Guitar: Larry Saltzman
Congas: Premananda Johannes
Co-produced and arranged by John Siegler

Pokémon [echoes]
The journey's just begun
Pokémon [echoes]
The more the better
Pokémon [echoes]
Team Rocket's on the run
Pokémon [echoes]
We're friends forever

You've got the power
Right in your hands
They'll evolve before your eyes
A world of magic
At your ocmmand
You can be a master if you try

(Pokémon [echoes] until fades)