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Everything Changes

Everything Changes (Cummings/Loeffler)
Lead Vocal: Sheila Brody
BG Vocals: Russell Velazquez, Sharon Bryant, Elaine Caswell, Ken Cummings
Guitars: Glen Sherman
Co-produced and arranged by Ken Cummings

Your heart's beating around the clock
Time tickin' away it doesn't stop
Evolution is takin' place
The world is spinnin' and changin' everyday
Anything you think of with a name
There isn't anything in life, that ever stays the same

Everything changes, changes
Things are changin' constantly
Everything changes, changes
It's evolutionary
Everything changes, changes
Changin' all the time
Playin' with your mind
Modified or rearranged
Everything has gotta change

You take a change, you throw the dice
You risk it all, it's just a part of life (Just a part of life)
You hold on tight, to what you know
You can't hold back, you gotta' let it go (Gotta let it go)
Every little step that you embrace (Every little step that you embrace)
On road ends, another begins and takes you to a better place


(Repeat CHORUS until fades)