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Gorean serves

Your serves should be designed to pleasure the Master's/Mistresses,
if you are owned then be sure to have special one's for your Master/Mistress alone.
Do not paste your serves (Masters frown upon their use)and it cheapens you the kajira .. you must appear sensual, but respectful, graceful and elegant.

If you borrow another slave's serve, check with that kajira before using a copy of their serve !! Most kajira do not mind if another kajira copies from their serves, but some serves are SPECIAL for their Master/Mistress and they may be a tad touchy regarding the theft of that particular serve.

Watch the other kajira and make notes of portions of their serves that you like and incorporate them into your own serves. A serve is not only a manner of showing respect to the Master/Mistress, the serve is your way of putting your personality and sensousness on display for your Master's/Mistress's pleasure and enjoyment.

You must always type that you nadu fully.... none of "in perfect slave position or in nadu", that is not good enough. The nadu position is...... kneeling with knees wide apart, back straight, breasts or chest forward, head high and proud but eyes lowered in respect and submission, this is usally mentioned in every serve, tho you can change it a little, but the basics must be there.

REMEMBER, a White Silk slave NEVER shows "slave heat" in a serve to anyone, but their Master/Mistress or Protector

You must tilt the goblet or bowl over your mouth and let some fall into yours testing the drink, you wait for three heart beats one for love, one for honor and one for respect .......the reason behind this is that if you or anyone else have poisoned it you will be affected first therefore making sure the Master/Mistress is safe at all times.

You must also remember to kiss the rim of the goblet or bowl before offering it to the Master/Mistress..turn it so that the side you kiss does not get offered to Them as your lips do not touch where They would touch...this is done out of love and respect to Them.

A simple short serve will be looked upon more favourably if is is correct in spelling etc. than a long drawn out serve full of mistakes. Add your own personality to the serve as your serves become your claim to fame.

When serving take the time to check your spelling.

Each part of the serve has a function and reason for being in the serve:

1.Fetching The Drink or Food: this is your opportunity to describe yourself, to paint a mental photograph for all watching, so be descriptive

2.Selecting The Goblet, Mug, Bowl or Platter: again, an opportunity to show the care you take when serving and the joy with which you serve

3.Delivering The Drink or Food: more descriptions of yourself and your beauty and joyfulness in serving

4.The Nadu Position: describe how gracefully you move to this position and the beauty of your body as you display it for the Master/Mistress's pleasure

5.Touching Slave Heat: for White Silks, this is only done for your Owner or Protector, no one else. For other silks, the choice is yours or your Master's or Mistress's

6.Touching the Slave Belly: shows devotion to serving

7.Touching the Slave Heart: show further devotion and love in your submission

8.Asking if They want the drink or food proved Some do not. Kissing The Rim of Bowl, Goblet, Mug or Platter: display of love and affection and also proof that this food or drink is safe to be consumed by the Master/Mistress being served

9.Head Erect, but Eyes Lowered: shows pride in serving, but also displays your submission

10.Offer of Drink or Food: with upraised arms, over head to show your complete submission to the Master/Mistress being served

11.Return to nadu position: submission is complete with this move, you merely await either release or further orders

Here is an example of a simple serve that could be added to and changed in many ways but on it's own is quite sufficient.

The kajira rises and walks to the serving area, smiling at the pleasure of serving, she takes a goblet from the shelf, holds it to the lights admiring it's sparkle and then fills it with ..... she glides back to Master , kneeling thighs apart, back arched and breasts thrust proudly forward, she raises the goblet and tilts it above parted pink lips letting some fall into her mouth. Waiting three beats of her devoted slaves heart she then brings the goblet to her lips and places a sweet kiss on the rim turning it before offering it above her head...lowers her eyes and says... Master ...may the serve and this girl please You this day

Serving Information

There are platters for food in the kitchens along with eating tines (forks) and spoons. Goblets, footed bowls, small cups, and tiny glasses are shelved behind the bar for the appropriate drink along with corked bottles of aged pagas, fine ka-la-nas, mead, and Turian-wines.
Serving trays, urns, teapots, bowls of red and yellow sugars, bowls of powdered bosk milk, and boxes of Bazi tea are under the bar. On top of the bar are pitchers for serving pagas and wines drawn from casks stacked behind the bar and a brazier for heating ka-la-na.

Ka-la-na, ta-wine, Turian-wine, and mead (drunk from a drinking horn in Torvaldsland) can be served in goblets. Sa-paga, sul-paga, and kal-da should be served in footed bowls. Blackwine is normally served in a small cup, and Bazi tea in three small glasses.

Blackwine, kal-da, and hot water for Bazi tea are in kettles suspended within the fireplace with ladles hanging nearby for dipping the hot liquids.

Serving Blackwine and Bazi tea

Blackwine -

The full service of blackwine includes red and/or yellow sugars and powdered bosk milk being added to the drink.

Place a blackwine urn, small bowls of each sugar and powdered milk on a tray with a small cup and small spoon. Fill the urn with blackwine with a ladle from the kettle hanging in the fireplace. Return to the free person and set the tray beside you or on their table. Ask how they wish it prepared, make it so, and finish the serve. If they wish first slave (sweetened with milk) add the sugars and milk first, then pour the blackwine from the urn into the cup.

Note: Second slave is the normal reference used to mean black, unsweetened.

Bazi tea -

The full service of Bazi tea includes the addition of a large amount of sugar as it is traditionally drunk heavily sweetened.

Place the bowls of sugar, three tiny glasses, and a spoon on a red and black tray. Place 3 pinches of Bazi tea leaves contained in a box under the bar in a teapot and fill it with hot water ladled from the kettle hanging in the fireplace. Put the teapot on the tray and return to the free person setting the tray beside you or on their table. Give the tea a moment to brew, then pour one glass to check if it is brewed properly and ready to serve. Pour the sample back into the teapot and ask how they wish their tea. Pour all three glasses and place yellow sugar in the first, red sugar in the second and both in the third, then offer each to the free person in succession, one at a time.

Things to be Considered

Concerning blackwine -

Blackwine is a rare and expensive commodity on most of Gor. Thentis, where the beans are grown, has strict export restrictions on it, with severe penalties for those caught smuggling. In addition to being rare and expensive, blackwine is prepared very strong, stronger even than Earth espresso, so serving it in a mug (or mega-mug) would be entirely inappropriate, not to mention there are no references to mugs in the books. Mugs, and the other items discussed below, are things brought to IRC Gor by those who do not wish to follow the knowledge of the books.

Concerning botas -

Botas on Gor are made from cured and tanned verrskin. They are mostly used for carrying liquids while traveling like a canteen from Earth. Consider, if you will, the taste of something kept for any length of time within the cured skin of an animal, especially an alcoholic beverage. They are not used in taverns, and not normally used in more permanent camps. In taverns drinks are kept in casks and/or bottles, and the same is true for more permanent camp sites. This is also true for the wagon peoples.

This girl actually saw a girl holding up the bota to the light to check its contents for purity and could just shake head wondering why she hadn't studied more before trying to serve. Know what you are serving with be acutrate!!!

Concerning ka-la-na -

Ka-la-na is a potent, dry, red wine. It is not sweet, it is not white, nor is it served chilled or iced. The only ice on Gor is that which occurs naturally in the far north and south, in the high mountains, and in the northern or southern lattitudes during the winter. There is no mention in the books of chilled or iced ka-la-na. Also, there is no such thing as mulled ka-la-na. The closest drink to this would be kal-da.

Concerning paga -

There are no references to lumpy, rancid paga in the books. Sa-paga is of fermented and brewed grains filtered before bottling, and sul-paga is a distilled drink, very much like moonshine. There are very few references to heated paga at all, it is not normally served that way in taverns at all. There are no racks of botas filled with paga hanging near the fire.

Concerning the drinking vessels of Gor -

I have seen beautiful cut crystal goblets, goblets and bowls made of gold and silver, inlaid with precious gems. I have seen bowls carved from semi-precious stone, polished and gleaming with many hues and marbling. I have seen many varieties of expensive vessels used to serve drinks in taverns including beautiful silver serving trays. Unfortunately, these things do not exist in the books of Gor except for one reference to a gem studded goblet of either gold or silver..only one..and that was not in a tavern, and silver service for blackwine in the palace of Suliman Pasha. What do exist for the most part are simple drinking vessels; goblets, cups, and bowls of fired and glazed clay, possibly even glass goblets and porcelain or ceramic cups. Bowls might be carved from hardwood and polished well or made of fired clay or ceramic, and Bazi tea glasses are made of simple glass.

There are exceptions to the rules but keep the basics and study, study ,study make your Master proud and yourself!

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