Sonnet #7

There is a box of crayons in my heart Every crayon in its place And I always have a piece of art When these crayons draw your face

First, I grab the color Angel Skin Taking it tight in my hand And draw your face, cheek and chin Fore such is your face, lightly tanned

The next color is baby blue And color in each delicate eye Twin circles divine and true Each so real, I almost see them cry

Although surrounded by pieces of metal Your smile remains so shining and white Forming a grin held together by lips like a rose petal Your smile alone could brighten the darkest night

The golden gleam of your hair, drawn it is normal style Hanging down to brush your pretty ear Before Iím done coloring I step back, and smile Seeing your beauty has been rendered quite clear

I finish up and brush a tear from my cheek Your beauty holds my attention, and I can no longer speak