Baby! How can you love me? you say you Hate me! How do you date me, if you like to berate me? I send you flowers each and everyday and kiss you to take thoes worries away. but when I need to be loved and told that you care, feeling you can't share, because your never there. These things I've done, to make things work, and yet I always come out being the one and only jerk. How Can I hug you, when you say I bug you? And you say you miss me, you then decide to diss me. I take you out, for a romantic night, and yet you always choose to pick a fight, throwing silverware and making a scence, putting everyone under the impression that I am being mean. How can you forgive me? If your the one who wronged me? I always wonder why you act this way, I assume this your derranged type of play Once long ago, you were my obsession, but I really should have used more discretion. I know you've done this all in fun, but I'm very resilliant, and so you haven't quite won. Although it is my foul, to stay with you for so long, but I know I can never win, and here I throw in the towel. I really believe that I will find a new girl, and move for you, I'm sure you'll find a new guy to be your pawn