Here I stand, eyes full of sadness and tears, losing you is my greatest fear, our time together was brief, but every second has been priceless to me. So now I weep till I sleep and forever I shall cry till I die! I feel so stupid feeling this way, basing this feeling on events of only one day. Love is a game and I, a pawn, sacrificed for your success, and now I have been done in and cast out of play. They say the average body is seventy percent water, and I am only ten, for the other sixty has streamed down my cheeks, soaking my clothes like a winters rain…cold and damp leaving me chilled and shivering…Oh how I now grasp blindly for your warmth again. And your moist lips to quench this thirst brought forth by this endless sobbing. These words I want to write in my own blood, so you can truly understand that these words are indeed from the heart, this crimson essence of that organ which contains my love for you.